Black carpet dye - trigger spray interior trim renovation detailing fluid 1 LT.
Black carpet dye - trigger spray interior trim renovation detailing fluid 1 LT.
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Black carpet dye - trigger spray interior trim renovation fluid. 1 Litre (2 x 500 ml)

Carbusonic L.T.D. bring you a truly professional black carpet dye product
manufactured in the U.K. using concentrated wool solvent pigments.
Easy to use spray application
Suitable for wool or natural carpets , mats, rubber, vinyl, door cards and wheel arch blackening.
Wash, hoover and Clean carpet first and remove any grease.
Apply a mist coat first and allow to dry,
Then build up coats to desired density.
Brush dye well into fibres in all directions.
Drying must be achieved by a hot air gun or hairdryer or similar.(150C 3 mins)
New Better Formulation

Use P.P.E. equipment with this product.
Including mask, goggles and gloves
wipe off over spray with meths or similar.
Try On Test Area First !! may need fixative on head liners or some man made fibres.
(use as intended as we cant be liable for any damages to your interior when applied )

Carpet inside of a home or vehicle often becomes stained and discoloured long before it is worn out.
 Even with regular vacuuming and cleaning, your carpet may look old before its time.
 If your carpet is made of wool or nylon, dyeing the carpet can be an effective way to make it look new again, extend its life, or change it to fit a interior.
 Do not dye your carpet if it is made from acrylic, polypropylene or polyester – the fibre won’t absorb the dye properly. 
There are professional products available to help you should you decide to dye your man made carpet.
 Do-it-yourself carpet dyeing is possible.

Carbusonic Ltd are recognised suppliers of cleaning formulations to THE ROYAL NAVY AIRCRAFT HUSBANDRY AND CORROSION CONTROL TEAM
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