LCD Suede & Nubuck shoe boot Dye, handbag gloves Vibrant colour choice & sizes
LCD Suede & Nubuck shoe boot Dye, handbag gloves Vibrant colour choice & sizes
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The Leather Colour Doctor Leather restorer liquid polyurethane Suede dyes and colourants.
are an almost non film forming very soft dye, engineered for Suede and Nubuck re-colouring and renovations.

  These Dyes are water based so are safe and easy to use Suede and Nubuck dyes. Suitable Suede re-colouring for Sofas, Car interiors, 
Upholstery, Shoes, Handbags, Clothes. Spray and sponge friendly so they’re extremely simple to apply,
 above all scuff and scratch resistant.
 Being almost the same consistency as water,
 making application easy without causing blockages. 
The polyurethane leather dye Colourants have been designed for colour restoration and colour change jobs
 so the pigment addition is very high allowing them to easily cover Suede without the need for lots of applications. 

Please see our Suede and Nubuck Protection and Cleaning solutions. And Application sponge
NB: If you purchase an application sponge only, an application sponge is what you will receive.
Have you a scuffed, worn, scratched or faded Suede or Nubuck item, or you would like a colour change? then this product is for you please read on.



1- Firstly fully clean Suede with brush and dry thoroughly. Make good any rips or cracking. (see our other products)

2- Pad or sponge a first light coat, leave to dry or use a hair dryer to speed up dry time.

3- Add further coats with a sponge or for a smoother look use an airbrush until desired depth of colour is achieved.

4. Use a Suede brush to lift pile and nap. 

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