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Black Leather Sofa Dye - All in One Leather Dye and Sealant
All in One leather dye and sealant is a concentrated water based leather dye for leather, leatherette, vinyl and vegan leather items, seats, car seats, leather sofas, jackets and apparel, handbags, shoes and much more
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IPA Isopropyl Alcohol 99.9% Pure 10 Litre (10L)
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Leather Dye - All in one Dye & Sealant
Leather Dye - All in one Dye & Sealant
All in one leather dye and sealant Easily applied Use it to re-colour or touch up scuffs and scratches No need for a top coat Suitable for coats, sofas, shoes, car sears, handbags & more Scuff resistant finish
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