Leather Repair Restore Kit  For Faded and Worn Leather Sofa Chair Clean Protect
Leather Repair Restore Kit For Faded and Worn Leather Sofa Chair Clean Protect
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Leather Repair Restore Kit  For Faded and Worn Leather Sofa, Chair, Car, Handbags  Clean Protect
Full Treatment Leather Restore Kit
All You Need To Bring Back To Life, Enhance & Protect Your Tired Dull Looking Sofa, Chair, Car Interior, Jacket, Shoes Or handbag.

Kit Includes: 
  • Leather Foaming Cleaner 250 ml Formulated To Lift Dirt Grease & Grime From Leather Surfaces, Opens Leather Pores Which Allows Wax Pigment To Penetrate Deep Into The Leather Surface
  • Wax Pigmented Emulsion Balm Restoration Cream 250 g ( Choose A Shade Close To Your Original Colour As Long As Its Not Lighter )
  • Leather Protection & Stain Guard Conditioning Cream 250 g 

 Leather Colour Restore is for restoring colour to faded and worn leather.
 Colour restorer is for scratches and faded areas that are lighter in colour usually from drying out and UV damage. 
This is a simple to use economical way to restore a fresh new look to your leather items. 
*A Full 20 % of added pigmentation for depth of colour* 
*Protects leather from harmful UV rays, drying and cracking* 
*Leaves a deep shine with soft feel with great depth of colour*
 *For a deeper colour just add more coats*
*Cover cracked and scuffed ares to leave a more appealing look*
*large coverage area this tub will renovate a 3 seat sofa*

6 Step Application
Clean items thoroughly first with supplied 250 ml Leather Cleaner (Best applied with soft plastic scrubber)
Test your leather is an absorbent material by placing a drop of water on the surface if it soaks in this product is for you.
Using a clean cloth apply colour restorer in a circular motion,leave for 15 minutes
If desired colour depth is not achieved repeat again.
After waiting 15 minutes with a fresh clean rag buff the surface to a lustrous sheen.
Apply Leather Protection Cream With a Soft Clean cloth For added Anti-Cracking, UV Protection, Stain Guard & Conditioning. Leaves A Pleasant Soft Supple Finish With New Fresh Aroma.
Helps Prevent Re Soiling, Pigment Migration (Clothes Dye Transfer)  

Leather colour restorer dye coating restoration balm. 
For automotive interiors, leather Sofa repair, leather car seat repair and leather upholstery repair. 
Brings the original colour back to life !! Great on motorcycle leathers. High viscosity wax designed to easily restore faded worn leather. 
Great on UV cracked & damaged leather items. 

Suitable for all absorbent leather products including: Sofas, Armchairs, Car seats, Clothes, Jackets, Shoes, Handbags, Saddles and Tac.
Choose a colour closest to your item first. Use to enhance the original colour of your item. 

***(If your item will not absorb a drop of water as a suitability test,  please use our all in one leather dye which is available in our shop)***

(Not for colour changes See Other Items)