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Bentley Leather Dye

Are you tired of inferior leather dye, poor adhesion & wear resistance? Try the best forget the rest

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The Bentley brand is synonymous with luxury, so it's no surprise that they use the highest quality of leather in their vehicles.

Bentley leather is something special: the hides are sourced from southern Germany, and only from bulls (cowhide shows signs of stretching due to pregnancy). A specialist team inspects each hide for flaws, like insect bites, scars, or damage caused by disease. Any that are stretched or too badly flawed will be rejected.

This is something that the experts at the Leather Care Doctor acknowledge and understand well; leather should be treated with respect, especially top-grade materials.

However, general wear and tear takes its toll, and UV rays from sunlight attack the leather surface and cause it to fade.

Because of this, we offer a professional quality leather dye specifically formulated for Bentley cars, suitable for re-colouring projects or a complete colour change.

This is a 5-step kit that's easy to use. You receive five numbered bottles, each clearly labelled as to what it is and which stage it belongs to:

Step #1 - Cleaning Solution

It is vitally important that the surface is clean and free from grease, dust, dirt and stains before the dye is applied.

Bottle Number One

This contains the Leather Colour Doctor's superb leather cleaner, powerful enough to shift dirt and stains but gentle enough to avoid damaging the leather.

Apply a small amount of the solution using a soft bristle brush and scrub gently in a circular motion until it begins to foam.

Leave the foam to break down grease and dirt, which will take around five minutes. Use a clean cloth to wipe away the foam, along with any dirt that it has pulled from the leather fibres.

Repeat this process until the cloth comes away clean - this is a sign that your leather is ready for the next stage.

Step #2 - Leather Prep Solvent

All pigmented leathers, especially those used in cars, are covered with an oil or wax sealant by the manufacturer. It is essential to remove this before the new leather dye is applied or it will affect the finished result and may cause it to fail.

Bottle Number Two

Our leather preparation solvent strips away any original sealant to prepare the surface.

Apply the solution using a clean cloth, ensuring that you cover the entire item. Pay special attention to headrests, bolsters, arm rests and any areas that make body contact.

Keep wiping until you see faint traces of the original pigment on the cloth - this indicates that you have broken through the manufacturer's sealant.

Make Necessary Repairs

Following this, it is advisable to repair scratches, scuffs and cracks. As part of the Bentley leather dye and repair kit (in addition to the five bottles) you will receive our leather repair filler paste.

This is applied with a spatula to fill in any holes, cracks or rough areas then left to dry and harden. You can speed up the drying time by using a hairdryer.

Once the filler paste has set hard it is rubbed down with a fine sandpaper (between 500 and 1000-grit, although 800-grit is probably the best option).

After a final wipe down, the leather is ready for the step.

Step #3 - Leather Prime

Like any primer, this is designed specifically to create a good bonding surface between the material and the dye (or paint). Your leather seats, cushions and headrests are now clean, stripped of old sealant, and all flaws have been repaired.

Once the primer, or leather adhesion promoter, has been applied it will provide a perfect base for the leather dye.

Bottle Number Three

Apply the primer using a roller or sponge, ensuring that you cover every inch of the leather. Each coat should be applied sparingly and a hairdryer can be used to shorten the drying time between coats.

Three coats should be sufficient, and you should change the direction of your strokes with each layer as this forms a stronger matrix as it dries.

After the final coat, allow it to dry thoroughly before moving on (or use a hairdryer).

Step #4 - Leather Dye

It's now time to apply the Bentley leather dye. Please note that it is advisable to test a small amount of dye on an inconspicuous area before you begin. If you are happy that it's a good match, then go ahead.

Bottle Number Four

You can rub this leather dye on with a sponge or use a diffuser, but be sure to thin the dye with water if you intend to spray it on.

Apply a light coat first and allow it to dry (again, you can use a hairdryer).

It may look patchy as it dries, but this is normal and nothing to worry about.

Add further coats until you are satisfied with the colour, making sure to dry each one before adding the next.

Step #5 - Leather Sealer

After applying the Bentley leather dye, the final stage is to seal it in. This forms a protective layer across the surface that guards against stains and scratches, as well as sealing in the dye to stop fading and colour transfer.

Bottle Number Five

Leather sealer top finish is applied using a sponge or it can be sprayed on lightly.

Once again, it needs time to dry although it is fine if you want to use a hairdryer.

Three coats should be sufficient, and you should alter the angle of application by 45º as this helps to scatter light reflection when the finish has set hard.

Allow at least 24 hours to set fully before using.

The Leather Colour Doctor's leather dyes for Bentley car interiors come in a variety of colours (19 in all) that you can select before adding your dye kit to the basket.

Each one is matched with the range of official Bentley colours, so you should have no problems finding the right one for your car.

If you need further advice or assistance, please contact us vis the facility on our website and we'll do our best to help.

Aside from our excellent leather dye range for premium brand cars, our stock includes products for those who want to restore, repair or re-colour leather clothes, shoes, furniture and accessories.

Bentley is a brand for the discerning customer who expects the best, and that's why the Leather Colour Doctor's Bentley leather dye kit is perfect for you.

We are confident that our professional quality products will restore and revitalise your car seats to showroom condition and protect them against the challenges of daily use, such as spills, scuffs and scratches.

When it comes to leather care, you can trust the Leather Colour Doctor to deliver.

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