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Convertible roof cleaner kit, fabric soft top dye mould remover water proofer.

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Soft top dye.

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Convertible roof cleaner kit, fabric soft top dye mould remover water proofer. 
Carbusonic CFB511, MMCA4, WW12  Fabric Mould and mildew remover, Black canvas dye and Water proofing Products are specially formulated products including acrylic co-polymer, silicone and Bio surfactants to make old, faded, fabric convertible tops, RV and boat covers look like new. A permanent, water based dye that may be applied with either a nylon paint brush, sponge, disposable foam brush or diluted further in an air brush and dries in 2-3 hours. Badly faded tops may require a second coat.
Carbusonic LTD Durham England.
Carbusonic CFB511, MMCA4 and WW12 Three part application convertible roof renovation kit. Air drying, thermo-setting co-polymer acrylic dye . 
Directions of use.
First Clean the surface thoroughly with detergent and mould remover Carbusonic MMCA4 using a scrubbing action,
 rinse and then allow it to dry completely.
 Next use masking tape to mask off the rear window, glass and body work.
 Start the application of Carbusonic CFB511 at the centre section of the front of the top. 
Work from side to side, progressing towards the back, maintaining a "wet edge" as you work towards the rear.
 (The technique is similar to painting with water based paint).
 Immediately remove any drips on paint, glass or trim with a wet cloth.
 If the top is badly faded, apply a second coat after 24 hours drying time.
 Allow the final coat of  dry for 24 hours and then go over with hair dryer or similar to harden dye , 
follow with two coats of waterproofing solution.  Carbusonic WW12 Silicone weather proofing. (This Waterproofing Must Be Completely Dry Before Using In Wet Weather). 
 DO NOT use on Vinyl, Acrylic or vinyl impregnated fabric tops. 
Test small patch for colour first can be diluted with small amount of water.

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