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Convertible Roof Dyes

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Nothing ruins the look of a convertible car so much as a faded and dirty soft-top. They are constantly under attack from the weather, moss, algae, dirt and grime of all kinds, including the dreaded bird lime.

All of these problems take their toll, making the material look aged and worn out.

If your convertible hood has started to look worse for wear, the Leather Colour Doctor has the perfect solution, with our high-quality convertible roof dye.

The secret is in the brand name behind this brilliant product: Carbusonic Ltd.

This is a trusted name in the car care industry, with decades of experience and a reputation for quality and precision, particularly within the trade.

Our convertible roof dye is just one of the exceptional products in the Carbusonic range and is an air-drying, thermo-setting, acrylic co-polymer dye that restores colour to like-new condition.

The dye is available in 500ml, 1-litre or 2-litre containers, or you can check out our soft-top dye kit containing Carbusonic silicone weather-proofer, mildew remover/degreaser, as well as black canvas dye.

As with all of our products, it's a fairly easy process; just follow these steps, and you can't go wrong:

Clean The Surface

For best results, brush the material thoroughly to remove any loose dirt and grit. Your next job is to clean the surface with a high-performance detergent cleaner (you can find Carbusonic soft-top cleaner on our website, which is perfect for the job). This removes all manner of dirt and grime effectively, including stubborn stains.

Allow this to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Mask The Working Area

Use masking tape to protect the trim, rear window, glass and body work. This is an important step and should not be skipped, as it could save a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Apply The Canvas Dye

Using a sponge or wide, soft-bristle brush, start at the centre section at the top of the front of the canvas roof. Work slowly and methodically from side to side, moving gradually towards the back, always maintaining a wet edge* as you go.

*A 'wet edge' means that one section is never allowed to dry out, just as you would do when applying water-based paint.

Immediately remove any drips from the glass and body work with a wet cloth. White spirits (meths) can be used if necessary, and you can also use this to thin the dye if you want a weaker solution.

For badly faded canvas or fabrics, a second coat may be required, but only after allowing 24-hours drying time. Speed up the drying process of the final coat by using a hair dryer or heat gun (like the Steinel HL 1820 S, which you can find on our website), but take great care when doing this, as you don't want to scorch the surface.

This step will harden dye and help it to set properly, creating a better finish and longer-lasting results.

Please Note:

This roof dye is not suitable for vinyl or vinyl-impregnated fabric tops! Test small patch on fabric and canvas for colour fastness before applying.

Apply A Waterproofing Solution

To ensure that soft-tops keep that vibrant new colour, it's a good idea to apply a waterproofer, such as the Carbusonic silicone weather proofer mentioned above.

You'll find this on our website under the name Canvasilâ„¢ Nanotech, and it's the ideal product for sealing in the dye after a nice freshen-up! This amazing waterproofer gets right down into the matrix of the material. Tiny nanoparticles pass through the smallest cracks and fissures to bond with the canvas or fabric, forming an impenetrable, hydrophobic barrier.

It's safe, non-toxic and long-lasting, protecting your soft-top from the weather for many months to come. It is amazingly effective at dispersing oil and grease, and actively prevents moss, mould and algae growth.

By combining the cleaning solution with the waterproofing solution and applying these once or twice a year, along with a canvas dye once in a while, you'll ensure that your convertible roof lasts longer and looks fantastic!

You'll find a good range of the most common colours on our website, including:


Java Tan

Navy-Marine (Dark Blue)

Dark Green

Dark Brown



Orion Grey


However, if you have another colour in mind, feel free to use the online chat facility to contact us, and we'll do our best to match it.

Safety Note:

It is advisable to wear appropriate protective clothing while you clean the surface and apply the convertible roof dye or waterproofing solution. While the ingredients are generally safe, it's wise to avoid prolonged contact with the skin and to cover your clothes.

Rubber gloves, protective eyewear and plastic overalls are sensible precautions against spills and splashes.

If using the canvas dye or any of the other products within an enclosed space (like a garage), make sure there is plenty of ventilation.

With the exception of vinyl-impregnated fabric tops and other vinyl products, our hood canvas restorer dye works on all types of natural fibres and materials.

You can also use this dye on boat covers and other canvas items to freshen up the colour, no matter how badly faded it may be. Used in conjunction with our cleaning and waterproofing solutions, this is the very best way to ensure that your fabrics stay fresh and vibrant.

And if you need some help restoring the interior of your vehicle, the Leather Colour Doctor has an impressive range of car leather dyes for most prestige brands, including Aston Martin, Bentley and Mercedes.

With an extensive range of leather waxes, balms, conditioners, cleaners and protectors, we have the full complement of products to restore and preserve leather, canvas and fabrics of all kinds.

We can also assist with leather and vinyl repairs, so be sure to check our product selection before beginning your restoration project!

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