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Jaguar Leather Dye

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Jaguar is one of the leading car brands in the world, and for many people, the pinnacle of quintessential Britishness. Jaguar owners understandably take immense pride in their vehicle, and they want it to look brilliant at all times.

The Leather Colour Doctor understands, and our range of Jaguar leather dye ensures your vehicle always looks at its finest. Whether you want to upgrade a colour scheme or restore your prized possession to its finest appearance, you can do so. We stock Jaguar leather dyes and we offer complete guides on how to apply dyes to leather seats.

Yes, there is an excellent range of Jaguar leather dye products to choose from, including specialist colours such as suede green, warm charcoal, ebony black, Ivory NED and Cashmere SDZ. Whether you use dye straight from the bottle or blend a bespoke mix, you can revitalise your Jaguar leather.

Yes, as you can use leather paint on leather, and all leather craft projects, there is no barrier to using this colouring dye on the seats of your car. You might wish to start with light coats first, but if this looks good, there is no reason you cannot use this liquid for a Jaguar automotive leather touch up job.

There are many reasons to dye your Jaguar leather, and for many people, the aesthetic benefits are most important.

Deal with faded worn coloured leather effectively

With some areas sun bleached, parts of your Jaguar seats are worn and have lost colour.

It might be you have stains in your car, and if you do, using stain leather colourant covers these marks, ensuring your vehicle looks at its best once more.

If your leather interior has seen better days, dye or paint is a great way to repair scratches and scuffs. With a matched colour dye, you will not see the old marks, and this is why leather repair paint and scratch repair dyes are so popular amongst Jaguar owners.

An effective colour rub will protect your vehicle and is a viable leather repair option

Leather dyes also protect your leather interior from scuffs, stains, marks and all the imperfections that take the shine off a perfect vehicle. Adding more layers to leather minimises the impact of being in direct sunlight, and this should keep your car seats and interior in better condition for many years to come.

 Bear in mind that while the colour of leather fades, dyeing is permanent. This is why with permanent re-colouring projects, you must be sure of the colour choice purchase you make. You cannot dye leather a lighter colour, only the same or darker. If your initial colour is light, dark dye will work well and quickly.

Whether you need to dye your full leather interior or you have minor issues to contend with, there is a solution. The colourant touch up repair kit is a great way to remove small problems, and at times, all you need is a postage stamp size piece.

Buying a colourant dye touch-up kit is a simple process, and no matter the colour, simply purchase the bottle or dye you need, and follow the instructions on the packaging. 

What happens with coloured slight manufacturing variations?

An issue to consider when colouring leather is that leather fades and the colour wears away. Even if you think you have a perfect match between the leather dye colourant repair kit and what the manufacturer states, faded worn coloured leather can thwart you.

However, Jaguar leather dye can revitalise faded leather, bringing it back to its best. If your vehicle has seen better days, easily applied leather dye will ensure you fall in love with your Jaguar once again.

A very useful way to check the colour of dye you need is with the Jaguar match system. If you only need one dye colour, the process of finding the main colour should be simple thanks to the match system, or if you have a Jaguar x vehicle, use the x match pack.  You should see there is enough pigment in each match pack to significantly change the appearance of your Jaguar interior.

Every original colour and a lot more on offer

The x match system is the ideal starting place if you are looking for the perfect match between leather dye and Jaguar seats. The company has a comprehensive colour chart for Jaguar car seats and interiors, with popular choices including:

  • Antique Brown
  • Cashmere SDZ
  • Claret Red
  • Dove Grey LHJ
  • Ebony Black
  • French Navy
  • Guards Red
  • Heritage Tan
  • Isis blue
  • Ivory Ned
  • Jaguar Red Zone
  • Light Fawn
  • London Tan
  • Saville Grey
  • Silverstone Grey
  • Slate Grey
  • Spruce Green
  • St James red
  • Suede Green
  • Warm Charcoal
  • Wild berry

It is one thing to match the existing colour of Jaguar seats, but you can completely alter the colour scheme with a bespoke mix if you wish. With your car, you are in complete control, and with leather dye, the only limit is your imagination. So, with colours checked, you are all set to transform the look of your vehicle.

If you are the stage of purchasing leather dye for your Jaguar and you want to be sure you are doing the right thing, please consider these tips:

  • Review the x match system for the ideal paint
  • Once you find the right colour from the x match system add it to your basket
  • While many leather dyes have a built in sealant, adding a sealer coat or sealing top coat enhances the lifespan of your interior
  • Don't be afraid to remove the old sealer coat before applying the new coat on top
  • Use only max 1 litre at a time, to be safe

The Leather Colour Doctor offers a comprehensive range of dyes and colourant touch-up kits for Jaguar cars, at a fair price, and we are here to assist you as best we can. We are confident about providing you with the best dyes as we match colours with our lab colour space values, ensuring you undertake colouring projects suitable for your Jaguar. Contact us today for all the assistance you require in caring for your Jaguar leather.

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