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Leather Adhesion Promoter

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We're back again today with yet another post detailing what each part of our restoration kits do for your leather items.

Today, it's the turn of our leather adhesion promoter to take its place in the spotlight.

If you're not sure what an adhesion promoter is or how it might help your leather restoration jobs in the future, then don't worry, because today we're going to clear all of that up for you.

Ready to get started? Then join us below.

Our Leather Adhesion Promoter is a polyurethane liquid with extraordinary adhesive properties that's specifically designed to stick to a leather surface immediately, helping adhere and bond the leather with something else - in our case, it's usually a leather colourant creating a permanent merged layer, where the colourant sticks to the adhesion promoter and the adhesion promoter sticks to the leather, so the colour won't fade again as easily or be easily lost.

Leather can often have raised areas where it has been easily knocked and abraded, which happens over time naturally (just look at leather where creases naturally occur like car seat bolsters which are often heavily creased), and adhesion promoter helps smooth these raised areas out when you apply promoter onto these raised sections, too, creating a smoother look and finish with your leather and vinyl surfaces.

Now that we know that a layer of adhesion promoter whilst restoring a leather's surface and colour will help create a better bond, let's just take a more in-depth look at how it helps support the restoration and colouring work you're doing.

Enhances Adhesive Properties

The better the adhesion promoter layer, the better bond you'll create not only for the colourant or dye you're using but also for any repair products too. Almost every other product in our range adheres firmly to leather much better when an adhesion promoter is used.

Adhesive qualities applied onto these raised areas greatly improves adhesion where the leather has cracked or creased. Without an adhesion promoter coat, the leather's surface wouldn't be ready for the leather paint or leather dye.

Provides A Flexible Coating

The most important thing to note is that our product creates a flexible coating bonded to both the leather or vinyl surface and the colourant and repair products being used. Creating something extremely flexible ideal for restoration work is really important, or else the products wouldn't be bonded in the way you need them to be for a lasting finish.

When you apply leather colourant to leather or vinyl one step after using our leather adhesion promoter, you'll notice a much better bond because of the flexible nature of the product helping create a stronger, more long-lasting bond.

Extends The LIFE Of Repairs

Speaking of long-lasting bonds, repairs will also last much longer when a leather adhesion promoter is used first because it helps the repair kit stick better too. After constant abrasion and damage, because leather is easily knocked through everyday use and wear and tear, the more products with adhesive properties that are used to help fix the old leather, the better.

It's also possible to use a repair kit after an adhesion promoter and then use a colourant or dye in the same restoration and all of it will be bonded effectively, so there's no need to waste time or money doing everything separately when you order from us here at The Leather Colour Doctor.

Now that you know what our adhesion promoter is and how an adhesion promoter increasing the quality of the bond can help you, let's talk about actually using it.

Of course, you should always follow the packet instructions for the most up-to-date information, and remember that this guide is to help you use our 'The Leather Colour Doctor' adhesion promoter, it's possible that other brands will use a different application method.

For now, though, let's take a look at how to use our leather adhesion promoter.

What You'll Need

In addition to the product itself, you'll also need:

  • sponge
  • hair dryer

How To Apply It

It's really important that you use our Leather Preparation Fluid before you start with an adhesive layer. That's because the prep fluid is designed to strip away the old sealing layer and finish so the adhesive can stick to the leather effectively and then the colour/repair products can stick to that.

Once the prep fluid has been used and the clothing, furniture, car seats, or shoes, etc., is dry, then you can move on to the adhesion promoter.

Take a sponge and apply the adhesion promoter to the parts of your leather that need repair or colour work. The reason a sponge is necessary is so you can create a tacky surface for the other products to stick to.

For full coverage, you will need to apply the adhesion promoter 3 times in total, making sure you dry the surface with a hair dryer between each coat.

It's also important that you change the direction of the application each time to give the best chance of a successful bond. That means you should apply the promoter with a vertical movement on the first application, before applying it with a horizontal movement next time.

After the final application, dry the surface again using a hair dryer before carrying out the repair or colour work that's necessary to restore the leather to its old look.

Where Can This Leather Adhesion Promoter Be Used?

Before we finish, we just wanted to reassure our readers that our adhesion promoter has been tested with a range of leather colours, grain types, and products. Everything from sofas to car seats and jackets to handbags are fine to use our adhesion promoter on.

With that said, it's always a good idea to test any product like ours on an area of the leather item that's less seen, just to make sure it acts as it should and doesn't damage the leather. The chances of damage occurring is slim, but nobody can be certain of what your leather item has been treated with in the past, so it's possible a chemical reaction could occur that causes further discolouration.

By testing beforehand, you can be confident that the adhesion promoter is right for you.

It's also worth noting that leathers like nubuck or suede that are sanded rather than tanned won't react well to products like these, so be sure to look for specialised products for these leathers.

This information was to show you what our leather adhesion promoter can do for you and your leather items when carrying out restoration work. For any repair or colouring job, you'll need to use this product or else you won't get as good results.

With better adhesion thanks to our product, though, your repair work should be quick and easy. But if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Here at The Leather Colour Doctor we always aim to help our customers where we can!

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