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Leather degreaser

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Hand grease patches, oil and grease stains, and even a cooking oil spill have all been known to ruin the look of leather furniture, leather jackets, and even car seats (although the cooking oil spill is less likely here, admittedly).

Dirty leathers can ruin the look of your homes, cars, and stylish outfits, but what can you do about it?

Well, that's where our Leather Degreaser can be used to fix the issue!

But before we start talking about all the amazing things our leather degreaser can do for you, let's first take a look at where oil and grease stains happen most, before exploring our leather degreaser in a little more depth.

Ready to join us here at The Leather Colour Doctor to find out more about what our leather degreaser can do for you? Then let's get to it!

Before we talk about removing grease, let's just focus on why oil and grease is bad for leather to begin with.

Believe it or not, even oil from your hair and hands is enough to damage your leather items. That's because this material is one of the most sensitive textiles in the world, and it is a porous material. That means that oil and grease can penetrate deep into the item itself, compromising the structural integrity, affecting the colour, and weakening the material.

If left overtime, oils and grease can easily leave behind ghastly stains on sofas, car seats, and other high-traffic areas where this material is used, and then the oil and grease can penetrate further into the layers, causing damage.

If you want your leather sofas, clothing, and car seats to all stay looking their best (and more importantly, avoid potential damage), then dealing with oil and grease is an essential part of looking after them.

They often say that prevention is the best cure, so before we look at dealing with the grease stains you're facing, let's just look at how your leather item has come to be so greasy to begin with!

Hand Grease Patches

Hand contact on any leather will almost certainly leave behind grease oil from your hands. This sort of contact is responsible for greasy car seats, dull greasy steering wheels, and dull greasy collars on leather jackets, since this is where you touch leather with your hands most.

Arm Grease Patches

Your arm can just as easily leave grease patches on leather items too, causing dark marks on the leather surface or else making the leather turn dull due to grease and oil. Clothing, furniture, and our old friend the leather car seat can all be easily affected by arm grease.

Head Grease Patches

Want proof that your hair is oily? Look no further than your leather furniture for a large head area stain where oil from your hair has left a stained area behind whilst napping. This type of oil dries white, so may leave you wondering if you have leather spew or grease issues. If it's only where your head has been, though, then it's likely grease.

Ink Stains

Ink stains are much more common than people realise on leather furniture, but these stains can thankfully be removed with very little effort thanks to our leather degreaser, which removes ink from a leather surface just as well as oil and grease.

Food Spills/Curry Grease

Food spills and grease are common issues with leather too, and this can affect everything from clothing to furniture to shoes! If you don't remove grease quickly enough, then it can begin to discolour the leather and even cause damage.

Air Freshener Spill

Air freshener might be good for your house's smell, but it's terrible for leather and will almost always leave a stain. Whether it's your furniture or your clothes, air freshener will show up on leather and look greasy. If spraying air freshener in a room with leather sofas, be sure to spray away from the sofas so the grease and oil from the spray doesn't get left behind.

Oily spill

Any other oily spill can also affect leather, totally removing the quality finish that will have been added during manufacturing/tanning. Removing grease and oil is essential if you want to keep all different articles of leather looking good.

And The List Goes On...

No matter what the cause, grease, oil, and stains will leave your leather items looking tired, worn, and unattractive, and possibly even damaged in the worst-case scenario. But don't worry, cleaning up the mess is easy thanks to our own brand of Leather Degreaser, and below we'll tell you exactly how our product can help, and just how the application process works.

Our Leather Degreaser is wonderful because it can extract grease from almost all types of leather (although we'll have more on the exceptions to that rule in a later section, so make sure you read to the end of today's post).

Leather degreaser works as a thick paste or gel that provides a great service by penetrating the leather and lifting the grease and oil stains from them. Think of it as a deep cleaning solution that specialises in removing grease and oil stains from all manner of leather articles.

Removing grease and oil is typically difficult for normal cleaners, but a leather degreaser works differently. The thick paste or gel will penetrate the leather and lift the oil and grease right out of the leather itself.

From here, all the degreaser dries to a white powder. Since you can simply remove powder using a vacuum or cloth to wipe it away, all you need to do is vacuum the mess up or brush it out the way, and Voila, your leather will be free of any oil stains and grease.

Removing grease, oil, and stains from leather can be difficult, but thankfully our leather degreaser is suitable anywhere from sofas to shoes, and clothing to car seats! Every dark stain, oil mark, or grease smudge can be cleared up from almost anywhere!

Leather Furniture

Anything from large sofas to small armchairs and everything in-between is suitable for our leather degreaser. Cleaning with our degreaser doesn't affect the leather itself, as it's designed to clean gently by lifting the old stain out of the leather's layers before drying and being vacuumed away.

Car Seats

Car seats are perfect for our leather degreaser too, and removing grease from here is actually pretty simple. Just look for all the main touch points on your car seat and focus on really ensuring the degreaser is allowed to penetrate these parts.

We'll talk more about how to actually apply our leather degreaser below, but for now, knowing that cleaning car seats is possible with our brand of degreaser is what's important.

Car Interior

Any leather that's in your car's interior in addition to the car seats can all be cleaned up with our degreaser, too, so no part of your car will be left covered in unsightly grease.

Even Equestrian Leathers...

That's right, our product will work with equestrian leather too, and everybody knows removing grease from these well-handled products can be difficult.

The point is, our degreaser is suitable to be used almost anywhere. But the real trick is knowing the application process inside and out so you can treat your sofas, clothes, shoes, and everything in-between effectively.

Our Leather Degreaser or LeatherZorb Gel is so easy to apply at home yourself with just a few simple steps.

Before you get started, though, you'll need a few things:

Once you've gathered all the things you need, here's what to do!

First, start by using a leather cleaning brush and our degreaser to work the product into the leather effectively. Brushing here helps work the degreaser deeper into the leather, meaning better results.

Next, allow the degreaser to soak into the leather so it can lift the grease, oil, and stains out.

Now, wait until the degreaser gel/paste has dried. You'll be able to tell because our product dries white as a powder. Once it is powdery, you can move on to the last section.

Finally, use a clean cloth to bring the white powder into the centre of the item and then use a vacuum to hoover up the dirt and grease debris.

Additionally, you may wish to use one of our leather protection creams or conditioners to better protect your item in the future. We'd especially recommend this if the oil and grease had been left to sit for a while before cleaning. Our protection creams and conditioners are especially suitable here because they can help protect your leather and bring it back to life after being neglected for a while.

Leather degreaser works on all grain types and colours of leather, even pigmented leather and aniline leather, but there are some exceptions:

  • bicast leather
  • suede
  • nubuck

That's because suede, nubuck, and bicast leather are all treated differently during the manufacturing process, so our leather degreaser won't work as well with these types, and any stains will likely remain behind after use. With that said, suede, nubuck and bicast are pretty hardy leathers anyway, so removing grease from them won't be an issue since stains shouldn't be likely to begin with.

Even if the leather you need to use our Leather Degreaser product on isn't included in the exceptions list, we still recommend trying out a small amount of our product on a lesser seen area of the leather you're treating to ensure that no damage or discolouration occurs.

Removing grease, stains, and oil from any leather item can seem like a difficult task, but if you purchase a Leather Degreaser from us and follow the instructions and details on the product, then cleaning up your leather won't be a problem at all.

We offer free mainland UK delivery too, so getting your hands on our 'The Leather Colour Doctor' products has never been easier!

And if, for whatever reason, you feel as though you need some additional advice, then don't hesitate to reach out to us today! We're always happy to help our customers however we can.

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