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Leather Jacket Dyes

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Few items of clothing are more iconic than a leather jacket. Whether you have a rock n roll rebellious image or enjoy the comfort, warmth and protection offered by a leather jacket, this is a popular item of clothing.

Of course, many people love a leather jacket that is old and worn. It shows character, and many people are willing to pay a nice sum or hefty price for a vintage coat. Not everyone feels this way, though.

If you want your leather jacket to look pristine, stains, scuffs, marks or worn parts are off-putting. Thankfully, help is available. Leather jacket dyes transform your coat, breathing new life into much-loved items, ensuring you always look and feel great when wearing your jacket.

The Leather Colour Doctor provides a wide range of leather jacket dyes, and we also offer tips and a complete guide on how a customer can get the most out of your jacket.

As this is a guide on how to dye leather jackets, the answer is a resounding yes! The Leather Colour Doctor is pleased to say we have helped many people dye their jackets to great success, and we look forward to assisting you.

Leather dye can also be used on a suede jacket, canvas jacket or even a nubuck jacket. We know many people have an old leather jacket they wish to transform, but

While leather is permanent, it fades over time. The standard time for leather dye to fade is around two years, but of course, many factors influence this timescale. Exposure to direct sunlight, or any harsh weather condition, can diminish colour faster than you would expect.

Similarly, if the jacket is dirty, or exposed to sweat, dust or grime regularly, this can impact the appearance of the jacket, so bear this in mind when changing the colour of your coat.

Some of the leading benefits of dyeing a leather jacket include:

  • You can return a faded or worn jacket to its former glory by adding a suitable new colour
  • You can transform an old or tired looking coat into something different
  • Adding dye to a coat adds a new protective layer, including waterproofing capabilities, which will protect and extend the lifespan of the jacket
  • You’ll look and feel great in a new-look jacket
  • The cost of upgrading an old jacket is often much more affordable than buying a new clothing, so there is value for money with this act
  • Dying leather is not just for your jacket, you can use leather dyes on leather shoes, furniture and other leather items

These are all brilliant benefits associated with dyeing a leather jacket, and The Leather Colour Doctor is here to assist you as best we can.

The process of choosing a colour of leather dye depends on several factors. The most important thing is whether you want the jacket to be the same or a different colour?

If you want to dye the jacket the same colour as its natural colour, you must find a perfect match. You can look at the manufacturer label or ask online if anyone has any advice.

Most likely, though, you’ll need to check for yourself, and you can mix colours and dyes to create something new.

There are many colour charts for leather products

Compare the jacket colour (which might have faded from the initial colour anyway) with colour charts from leading jacket dye manufacturers. Look for the shade which is the closest match.

The process is more straightforward if you wish to dye your jacket differently. Consider what shade you want to add to your leather item, and then look at dye colour charts and grids to see the best match for your needs.

Once you've decided what leather dye you need, your search is over, and you're almost ready to dye leather.

Here are some items and products you’ll need when you dye a black overcoat:

  • Cleaning products or alcohol cleaner
  • Leather dye
  • Protection for hands and skin
  • Newspaper to cover a flat surface
  • Brushes or sponge

There are many other accessories you can use when dyeing leather, but these accessories are enough to allow you to do a great job.

If you follow these steps, you’ll find dyeing your black leather biker jacket is a straightforward process.

Ensure the jacket is cleaned

Take the time to wipe clean the jacket, removing dirt, dust, grime, oil and debris. Even if you appreciate a worn or lived-in look with your leather products, take the time to clean it thoroughly before starting the dyeing process.

Also, look out for holes, and determine if you wish to fix and repair these. It is not wise to forget about these holes or tears and hope for the best.

A high quality leather company will provide cleaning instructions, so follow these if possible. Care instructions are typically stated on the tag of the jacket. Make sure the leather is supple, and watch out for bits that peel or which are likely to flake off.

Then, make sure the jacket is completely dry before you consider applying leather dyes.

Test the leather dye in a hidden spot

Find a patch of leather that isn’t on show to people, and test the dye here. If it looks okay, you can proceed with confidence. This will also indicate how the dye looks on leather and whether it needs to be mixed to create your ideal look.

Prepare the area you wish to dye

Make sure you have a safe and clean workspace, covering a flat surface to minimise mess and disruption to this space. Ensure the area is well-ventilated, and wear gloves when using dye.

Rub the dye into the leather jacket

With a circular motion and thick strokes, you should use a brush or sponge to rub the dye into the jacket. Doing this makes it look like a paintbrush has applied the dye, and it helps to spread the dye more uniformly.

Make sure the dye or paint is worked into the seams, and once you have applied dye to an area, allow it to fully dry. This will likely take a few hours.

Dab the item with a paper towel, rag or newspaper to remove excess dye from the jacket.

Apply more coats to get the colour you want

Once the first layer of dye is dry, you can apply more coats. Depending on the finish you want to achieve, you might need to apply several coats to penetrate the leather. Take your time doing so, and allow ample drying time between each layer.

Cover items you don't want to detail with dye

If you only want to add or change details to the back of your leather coat, cover the sleeves, to ensure they aren't dyed accidentally.

Be cautious when you dye leather

Remember you cannot lighten with leather dye, just maintain or darken the item. If you accept this, you'll find adding leather dye to be an effective way to change the style of a much loved item.

If you are going to paint a brown or black jacket, including a suede item, make sure you have a clean brush.

Some people like to paint as it allows for a high-quality and detailed finish, and you can enhance minor features.

Skilled artists can paint their leather items with leather dyes

You should always have a cloth and rags handy when you paint, but if you are skilled, this is a brilliant way to add a quality finish to any suede or leather overcoat.

For the best leather dye and leather paint to transform an old leather coat, we have everything you want or need. To restore the original colour or create a whole new look, The Leather Colour Doctor helps you find leather dyes, and with every step of the dyeing process.

If you desire a well-treated overcoat that stands out for the right reasons, don't worry, contact us today.

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