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Leather Repair Filler Paste Fills Cracks Scrapes Holes Heavy Repair Compound

Leather crack filler.

From: £8.99


Leather Repair Crack Filler Compound VARIOUS Colours. Restore Cracks, Holes etc.
Color-fil flexi Pigmented leather crack filler flexible coloured repair compound, scratch fixing paste. Available in all our standard colours (see chart)
Suitable For Leather & Vinyl Damage Such As Cuts Dents & Pet Claw Marks
leather filler compound crack and burn repair paste. 
Flexible crack and scratch repair compound developed especially for leather upholstery
 and all leather items such as shoes, handbags, sofas and automotive use.
Can Be Used To Repair Dashboard Cracks & Fill Screw Holes On Automotive Plastics.
Can be used with sub patch and grain copier for professional finish.
Leather Repair Filler Paste Fills Cracks Scrapes & Holes Heavy Repair Compound
1: Apply with spatula in thin coats 
2: Dry with hairdryer in between coats allow to cool and harden 
3: Apply further coats to desired level 
4: When dry sand with 800 grit sandpaper
If needed can be over coated with leather dye (see our other items)
This is a top quality professional repair product made in the UK.
50 gm Handy Press To Open Tin ( No Plastic)
Not suitable for Suede & Nubuck see other items for this application.
Another quality product from The Leather Colour Doctor.


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