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Leather Shoe Dyes

Are you tired of inferior leather dye, poor adhesion & wear resistance? Try the best forget the rest

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New leather shoes look and feel great, and they are sure to put a spring in your step. However, if your foot wear has seen better days, or you have grown over-familiar with their look, there are ways you can revitalise these boots, and have them looking as good as new.

The Leather Colour Doctor is pleased to offer an extensive range of leather dyes, perfect for all manner of leather footwear; not to mention suede, canvas and nubuck. If you can colour your foot wear , we’ll help you do so with confidence at a great price.

In addition to a brilliant range of shoe dyes, we have guides and tips to ensure you revitalise your foot wear in the most effective way. If you want to put your best foot forward, we have everything you need to make this possible.

It is an important question to ask, but given we sell leather dyes, of course, the answer is yes!

When selecting a dye, review colour charts and look online for recommendations as to what colour is best for you. Depending on the manufacturer, there might be a colour code for the shoe, and there are colour grid items you can review. Take a note of the colour, and its full name (even if it's black) and compare it with a commercially available product range. Angelus is a quality brand, available at a fair price.

Given so many people dye their leather footwear, there must be many benefits of the process, and here are some details to consider:

  • When done well, your leather footwear looks fantastic, which helps you feel more confident
  • When dye is applied well, your leather footwear will have a great fabric texture, helping them and you stand out for all the right reasons
  • Dyeing your foot wear improves their water resistance, helping protect them
  • You can remove scuffs and hide stains when you dye your leather footwear
  • You can add new life to a pair of worn or familiar footwear
  • You might prefer a new look, and paint can fix this quickly

These are all fantastic benefits when you dye boots , and if you are looking for guidance with leather dye, The Leather Colour Doctor is here to assist you as best we can.

Please remember these points when you dye your leather shoes:

  • Each dye job is an experiment, and there is no guarantee you’ll see amazing results
  • Dye is transparent, akin to adding a layer on top of what is already there, which is why you should clean your footwear before the dyeing process
  • You cannot dye shoes a lighter colour, only dye your footwear the same colour of a darker shade
  • Dye is permanent, and cannot be undone (although you can dye it a darker colour if you like)

Once you familiarise yourself with these details, you can carry on with the shoe dyeing process.

The following items, shoe care products and accessories will be useful when changing the colours of your boots:

  • An alcohol cleaner
  • Leather shoe dye
  • Leather preparer and a deglazing product
  • Shoe polish, to add a pleasant finish after the dye has dried
  • A flat workspace
  • Newspaper to cover the workspace or flat surface
  • Rags that you are okay with getting dirty
  • Cups or containers, with lids, to help clean up or hold liquid
  • Gloves
  • Quality masking tape
  • Cloths and a sponge
  • A small paint brush

If you can get scraps of leather that are the same type as the leather from your show, this will be helpful, allowing you to test the paint on the leather material

Also, you’ll need a pair of boots you wish to dye!

Following these steps takes you from start to end of the shoe dye process, enhancing your chances of doing an excellent job.

Prepare your foot wear

The first step involves cleaning and then drying the shoe, removing all dirt, dust and grime. You should also remove the laces at this time.

Once you've removed all dirt and the laces, you can start to restore the foot wear. Place some finish remover or preparer onto a cloth and start to rub this onto the shoe. If there are parts of the leather shoe you don’t want to dye, use masking tape to cover them.

For best results, test the colour

This stage is where having a space piece of leather is useful, to ensure you test the leather dye colour, and it comes out as you hope. Some dyes don’t give the desired outcome some people hope for, and this might mean your boots are ruined. Taking this extra step minimises the likelihood of you being disappointed when dying your shoes a new colour.

Dye your shoes

Now for the main event, and if you follow these steps, there is every chance your footwears will look fantastic:

  • If you have manufacturers instructions, read them before dying the footwear
  • If you are using a paintbrush, keep it wet, and use consistent strokes
  • Apply the first coat in a consistent manner
  • Allow all coats to dry thoroughly before applying further coats
  • Watch out for paint brush strokes which look unappealing, and try to make them as artistic as you can
  • Try blending colours for a deeper and richer colour - when you mix colours this way, you can create something special
  • The dye will dry in a short time, but leave masking tape in place for up to half an hour to minimise the likelihood of smudges or wet patches - the masked area is a lifesaver when painting or dyeing items

If you are dyeing suede shoes, be mindful of suede holding liquid dye for a longer time, and shoe dyes take longer to dry on this fabric.

You have many brands to consider when looking for leather dye, and we stock our own patented extensive range that people trust.

We can help you find a good option

We stock a range of effective dyes, great for changing the colour of smooth leather items in a quick amount of time. While we offer effective leather shoe dyes, dyes can also be used on belts, saddles, purses and many more. The brand has many positive reviews, and most products come with a dye applicator, and even the box helps hold the bottle while you use the dye!

Shoe dye products come in many colours, including every shade of black!

Reliable dye is available in a broad range of colours, including many shades of black, blue, brown and rose, as well as more exotic options such as mahogany, oxblood, kelly green, suntan and purple.

Dyeing boots isn't quick or easy, but you restore cherished items

When it comes to dyeing products at the right price, we help you find everything you need. Dyeing footwear isn't always a quick or easy job, but when done well, it looks fantastic. You'll love these dyed shoes more than a newly bought pair in this colour

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