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Spew remover

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Keeping your leather clean is really important, and one problem that's all too common is known as leather spew.

If you're unfamiliar with what that term means and why it's important in leather cleaning, then you've come to the right place today.

Here at The Leather Doctor, we're experts at cleaning, restoring, and repairing leather, and today we'll explain how to clean up leather spew with our very own Leather Spew Remover, so you can keep on top of your leather care at home.

All types of leather (except suede, nubuck, and similar products) can potentially suffer from leather spew after going through the tanning process.

Leather spew is caused when natural animal fat and fat liquors are left in the leather, which can eventually migrate to the surface, leaving a white, hazy film. Although typically these animal fats are removed during the tanning process, sometimes they can be left behind when not treated properly.

What Does Spew Look Like?

Spew can be identified by white hazes or patches on the surface, and is common across all types of leather (except suede, nubuck, and other leathers that have been sanded, rather than tanned), and wherever leather is used (so car interior, leather furniture, leather garments, etc.).

If you're unsure if it is spew, then spew can be identified using a hairdryer. By heating the leather, spew will disappear when warm, and return again once cool, so heating the leather is a great way of making sure it is the leather spew you're dealing with.

Once you've confirmed that it is, you'll need a spew remover!

So, how does our Leather Spew Remover work?

Well, our spew remover extracts the spew from leather and then penetrates into the leather, which helps stop spew recurring again after it's been cleaned up.

A normal cleaner wouldn't be able to remove spew from the leather effectively because they aren't designed to penetrate into the leather, which is important, because it's that part of the process that prevents recurrence.

Ours works like any other furniture clinic spew remover, and can be used on leather furniture, car interiors, or garments (although we always recommend trying a small sample first before applying it to your entire piece to ensure it reacts as it's supposed to).

Benefits Of Using Our Leather Spew Remover

Spew Remover Extracts The Spew From Leather

Our Leather Spew Remover removes white hazes spew from leather and is a great product in helping prevent the spew recurring again.

When animal fats and liquors migrate to the surface, it can be really unsightly. And if one part of the leather product is affected, then the chances are the whole product will be too, as it's a sign that something went wrong during the manufacturing process.

That's right, your full three-piece suite could suffer from leather spew, so you need a solution that's fast and effective.

Our bottle of Leather Spew Remover is good value for money, will deliver fantastic results, and is easy to store at home (just keep it in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight for best results).

Returns Leather To Original Colour (Spew From leather prevents Leather From Looking As It Should)

Spew from leather prevents the product from looking as it should. Different types of leather have different styles to them, but with spew, they can all be made to look similar because of the white patches.

Spew remover will return your leather product to its former glory, and as it penetrates into the leather, the spew from the leather won't be able to return either, providing long-term protection moving forward too!

Easy To Apply

White hazes spew from leather doesn't require a specialist furniture clinic to fix the issue. Our simple spew remover is easy to do yourself at home.

Here are the simple steps:

  • Take a clean, soft cloth and apply a small amount of spew remover
  • Wipe the surface of the leather product in a circular motion
  • Allow the spew remover to penetrate the leather to prevent the spew recurring
  • Once wiped down with a new, clean cloth, you can apply a leather protector for added protection

And that's it. It really is that simple to remove leather spew from furniture, garments, and car interiors! No need to call a furniture clinic now, right?

Absolutely! Our Leather Spew Remover removes white hazes spew from leather AND prevents it from returning by effectively removing the animal fat and liquors that should have been removed in the first place during the tanning process.

Yes! Although we would advise using our Leather Spew Remover on a small section of your leather first to ensure it reacts as it should. You also won't need to use a spew remover on suede, nubuck, or similar leather products that are sanded during manufacturing, rather than tanned, as animal fats being left behind here is not likely.

As you can see, leather spew might sound like a horrendous issue to deal with, but cleaning up leather spew is actually really simple. These natural animal fat liquors can all be cleared up with one quick solution: our Leather Spew Remover.

It's so easy to apply yourself at home too, that all you need to do is purchase our product and follow the instructions and details provided.

Still need more assistance? Then don't hesitate to contact us here at The Leather Colour Doctor today. We're always happy to help wherever we can!

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