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Suede Cleaner

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Suede is a versatile and attractive natural material that has many uses and applications. It is durable and long-lasting, while at the same time providing a real sense of luxury.

However, it needs extra care and attention if you want it to continue looking its best. The porous, velvety surface can attract dirt and grime that detracts from its natural beauty and can reduce its lifespan.

You can ensure that your suede and nubuck goods stay clean and in good condition for longer with the Leather Colour Doctor's professionally formulated suede cleaner.

The 400ml suede cleaner and protection kit comes in two bottles. The first bottle contains a powerful cleaner that will shift general grime as well as stubborn stains.

The suede cleaner gets deep into the surface, where it breaks down the dirt and grime into tiny particles that are easier to remove. There's no need to rinse this off, it can simply be left to dry, and any remaining dirt and grime residue will be removed when you brush the item.

The second bottle contains an effective solution that protects your prized suede items. This amazing product forms an impermeable barrier that stops water damage and prevents grime from sticking, making it easier to remove any future dirt.

Make sure the item is completely dry before you begin, as you will end up spreading the stains or pushing the dirt further into the pores if you try to clean suede items when they are wet.

Use A Suede Brush

For the best results, always start by using a suede brush* or clean toothbrush to remove loose dirt and grime.

*There are several suede cleaning brush options, some with wire bristles. These must be used with caution as they can damage the suede fibres.

Apply The Suede/Nubuck Cleaner

Take the first bottle (labelled Step 1) and pour a small amount onto a sponge. Squeeze the sponge until foam is produced.

Rub the foam across the item one full panel at a time, making sure the entire item is evenly covered and that you focus on any stains or marks. Wipe off any excess foam with a clean cloth, and leave the item for about an hour to let the active ingredients start to work.

Raise The Nap

When the item is fully dry, use your suede brush to revive the nap. Use gentle, even strokes and always go with the nap. This is an important stage, as this is what gives suede its unique appearance and velvety quality.

As stated above, suede brushes come in different types - some with three different sets of bristles. Medium firm nylon bristles are best for raising the nap, but if the item (suede footwear, for example) is old and the nap has worn down considerably, rub it vigorously with the wire bristles followed by the nylon ones.

Apply The Protector Spray

The second bottle (labelled Step 2) contains our excellent suede protector. This will guard against future dirt and grime by creating an invisible barrier that locks moisture in to ensure the material stays supple. It also prevents dirt from sticking, making the job of cleaning your suede or nubuck items much easier.

This works best as a spray but can be wiped on if necessary.

It's important to make sure that you cover the entire surface, whichever method you choose. Also, don't saturate the material - it should only be slightly damp.

Leave it to dry - preferably overnight - and the special formula will protect your leather goods against stains of all kinds.

The foaming action of the suede cleaner makes it very powerful, allowing deep penetration to remove loose dirt and any stain or grime that's threatening to ruin your treasured leather goods.

As for the suede protector, this is equally as impressive in keeping your suede/nubuck items clean and free from stains. For the very best results, use the Leather Colour Doctor's suede cleaner and protection kit regularly, and your suede items will last for years!

Formulated by the Carbusonic brand, a highly-respected name in car care products, you can be confident that both the cleaner and protector will be of excellent quality and will prolong the life of your suede/nubuck items.

This brand is trusted within the industry because of the consistently high level of quality demonstrated over the years. That means you get a trade-quality product at an extremely reasonable price!

The Leather Colour Doctor's suede cleaner and protection kit is perfect for suede/nubuck goods of all kinds, including:

Suede Boots

Suede Shoes








Whether you want to clean suede shoes or spruce up your sofa, our suede/nubuck cleaner is just the job.

However, our expertise doesn't end there!

As well as suede cleaning kits, you will find leather conditioners, dyes, degreasers, waxes, and a whole host of top-quality leather and fabric care products.

Whatever leather you have, the Leather Colour Doctor will keep it in good health.

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