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Suede Dye

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If you are looking for the best suede dyes, you are in the right place. The Leather Colour Doctor knows the best suede dye products, and how to apply them to your material. So from our leading brands LCD here are some helpful suede dye tips on how to add suede dyes to your items, we can help you order what you need.

Using suede dye on a shoe revitalises them, and allows you to finish them in the colour of your choosing. Whether you couldn’t find the shade of suede shoe you desire, or your tastes have changed, knowing you can dye suede is a great comfort to most people.

Restore your shoes in great style

It might not be a change of colour which drives your desire to tint your suede shoes, it might to restore them. If your shoes are scuffed, faded, worn-out or have seen better days, add a new sense of life by revitalising them with colour.

Of course, while people instinctively connect suede and shoes, you can dye a wide range of shoe products, including:

  • Handbags
  • Clothes
  • Furniture
  • Car interiors

Whatever suede product you have, you can add new life in no time with suede dye.

Can you dye nubuck suede?

If you have nubuck shoes or clothes, you might want to know if you can apply due to this fabric to change its appearance. The good news is you can use suede dyes on nubuck shoes or coats,

This solution will help protect the material, as well as transforming its appearance. Suede dye is highly versatile, and you can use it with confidence on suede and nubuck.

Can you dye leather with suede dye?

Studies show that in addition to dying nubuck, you can also treat leather with suede dye. This provides you with more options to consider, but many people will opt for a traditional leather dye, as opposed to a suede when dyeing leather or nubuck.

To speed up the dyeing process, and minimise the mess you make dyeing shoes, it is helpful to have the following items to hand:

  • A hair dryer is optional for the drying process
  • Dye
  • Newspaper to lay on a flat surface
  • Rubber gloves
  • Sponge or pad
  • Suede brush
  • Suede protector spray

There are many benefits to taking the dyeing process seriously, so investing in additional items and accessories helps you better manage the process.

As a water-based solution, suede dye is safe and easy to use.

The polyurethane dye is created with colour restoration in mind, so you can be confident you’ll revitalise shoes or any suede product with this process. This solution also protects suede, nubuck and leather, minimising scruffs and marks. When you want suede to look as good as possible, this is an excellent solution.

The following steps detail the dyeing process, no matter the brand or make of shoe.

Before you start the dye process, be sure to clean the shoes thoroughly, which is where the suede brush first comes in handy. The cleaning process is vital, as if your shoes aren't clean or are covered in dirt, the finished dye work will not look as good.

Combine the cleaning process with a check for rips and tears

Look out for any rips, cracks or gaps in the shoe and if these are present, carry out repairs. Ensure the suede shoes are dried.

Apply a first coat to the suede, using either a sponge or pad to completely cover the shoe for best results, and then let the shoes dry. If you are impatient or short on time, you can use a hair dryer to reduce the time it takes the shoes to dry.

You can add additional coats to obtain the colour you desire

Finish the process by using a suede brush to lift the pile and nap, ensuring the suede shoes take the dye, and you love the shade. Feel free to add more dye to the top surface for a richer or stronger shade.

If you need advice about dyeing boots, including nubuck or leather products, or you want to shop the widest range of suede dye solutions, we have every leading brand and run promotions on a regular basis. Shoe dye comes in various prices, and our stock ensures you have a range of options to consider. Whatever you order, we think you'll look great.

The Leather Colour Doctor offers suede dye in many colours, and if you need to match a solution to the original colour of your fabric, we will help.

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