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Audi Leather Dye

Are you tired of inferior leather dye, poor adhesion & wear resistance? Try the best forget the rest

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We've talked before here at The Leather Colour Doctor about how different leathers need different treatments. Everything from handbags to shoes, clothing to sofas need to be treated in slightly different ways.

And never is that more true than when we're discussing leather dye.

If you want to restore leather furniture, car seats, clothes, or any other leather item back to its original condition after it's become tired and worn, then you'll need the right product for the job.

Today, we'll be focussing on a very specific product: Our Audi Leather Dye kit, which will transform your Audi's interior and restore it to its former glory.

But before we talk about the Audi leather dye kit itself, it's important to talk about when and why these products might be necessary.

Car manufacturers don't all think the same. That means that each manufacturer will have different design ideas, and therefore, each car manufacturer will require different products to achieve the look they want from their cars.

That seems obvious, right? But that applies to their leather dye too.

The original Audi leather dye kit created by Audi themselves will be tailored to achieve their desired look for their cars. In order to obtain that classic Audi leather look for their leather car seats, they will have gone through a vigorous selection process to get the details right, until they found a colour that gave them the best results and matched their vision.

Why are we telling you all that?

Because it highlights how important it is to pick out a kit to dye your leather that will closely match the original look, or else the colour will be off and it'll ruin the interior of your car aesthetically, and in the very worst case scenarios, physically too, as using the wrong brands might cause damage.

Can't I Just Use Leather Furniture Dye To Achieve The Look I Want?

No! The leather that's used on sofas and armchairs is completely different to the leather used in your car - everything from the colour, texture, thickness, and style is completely different, so using dye you'd use on your furniture to enhance the look of your Audi leather just wouldn't work!

What would work, however, is an Audi Leather Dye kit like ours, but before we talk more about that, let's look at the scenarios where purchasing Audi leather dye is essential.

There are a few scenarios where an Audi leather dye kit is no longer negotiable:

  • The leather is worn
  • There are scratches on the leather
  • There's been a buildup of dirt and grim
  • The leather is damaged and in need of repair
  • The leather is faded
  • Or the quality/grain of the leather seats have been compromised

All the best leather dye kits will include products and accessories that are designed to not only restore the leather's colours, but also repair and protect the leather for the future.

We'd never recommend making your own leather dye kit for your Audi car in case you get the colour match wrong, but it can be helpful for customers to know what's typically included in a kit.

Our Audi Leather Dye kit is a great example of everything you'll need to breathe some life back into your leather, so there's no need to search all over eBay for a seller that stocks the stuff you need, because we have everything right here at The Leather Colour Doctor to fix faded, worn, or damaged leather.

Here's what's included in our kit as standard:

  • Leather cleaner
  • A leather prep solvent
  • Leather adhesion promoter
  • Leather dye
  • A leather sealer
  • Leather repair kit for scratches and cracks

As you can see, we have everything you need to fix your old Audi leather and provide a permanent fix that'll stand the test of time!

But whilst our products have everything you need at checkout to fix the leather problems you're facing, there are a few other things you'll need too. But don't worry, you'll probably already have these at home, so no need to add it to an online shopping cart to buy more!

Soft Cloth

The first extra you'll need is a cloth, the softer the better, as we all know leather can be a little delicate, especially leather that's in need of a refresh after getting tired and a little damaged over the years.

Soft Plastic Scrubbing Brush

Next is a soft plastic scrubbing brush, which is one of the most important items because it'll work the products into the leather without having to waste too much time waiting for it to penetrate the layers.

leather Sander

A leather sander is necessary only if you're using the repair kit to patch up tears, scratches, and cracks in your leather. If not, sanding won't usually be necessary, but it's good to have on hand anyway and they're usually easy to find after a quick search online in marketplaces like eBay.

Clean Sponge

A clean sponge will be necessary for the application of certain products when applying even coats to deliver the best results.

Once all the extras have been bought, you're ready to get started!

Below, we'll talk you through each stage of using the kit. Before trying any one product, you should always test it on an inconspicuous area first before going ahead with the full application.

Although each product is designed for your Audi leather, it's always best to trial the product first to ensure the colours and details are exactly as they should be.

Leather Cleaner

The first stage, then, is the leather cleaner. This brings a number of benefits, but the chief one is that it can instantly bring back the old colour of your car seats by simply removing years of dirt, grease, and debris.

Apply the product using the soft plastic brush in a circular motion to work it into the leather's layers. Allow to soak for five minutes before wiping clean. Repeat the process until the cloth wipes away clear, and the colour of the leather is more vivid.

Leather Prep Solvent

Next up is the leather prep solvent, designed to remove the old sealing layer away so the other products can really penetrate the material of the Audi seats.

Use a clean cloth to wipe all over the seat, headrest, backrest, and armrests, making sure you get every part. Stop once some of the colour of the leather can be seen on your clean cloth. Don't panic here, it's perfectly normal and means the sealing is being removed.

At this stage, you can use the filler and repair kit to sort any scratches or cracks in the leather. If there's a large quantity of damage with a number of cracks, then you may need to purchase extra product to fix the issues.

After repair, use the sander to make the surface smooth again. Wipe down one last time before moving to the next step.

Leather Adhesion Promoter

It's the adhesion promoter's job to make the leather more susceptible to the dye, so apply it evenly to the chairs.

You will need to go through the application process 3 times, making sure you dry the surface of the leather each time with a hair dryer before applying the next coat.

The quantity of the product provided is enough to complete this process 3 times, so make sure you use it sparingly.

When applying each new coat, make sure you change the direction that you wipe the adhesion promoter for better adhesion. Wait until the last layer is dry and then move to the next step.

Audi Leather Dye

The Audi leather dye provided will potentially need a number of applications to get the colour match you're looking for. This is the same with any seller of these types of dye.

Start by applying the dye to the areas of the seat that need more colour. It will appear patchy at first, but this is normal. Once it has been applied, dry it with a hair dryer again before applying more.

You will have to choose when the colour matches the rest of the seat best, and then stop here.

Leather Sealer

Finally, the leather sealer will act as a protective layer to prevent any further damage, and therefore any further repair work.

Apply this with a sponge at 45-degree angles to scatter light reflection and dry between each layer as usual. Once you're content, leave the seat to dry for 24 hours and you're all done.

Using Audi leather dye to restore your old seats needn't be complicated, especially when you can buy everything you need right here from us with just a click or two.

But perhaps you're feeling nervous or out of your depth? If so, The Leather Colour Doctor can still help, as we can offer a free consultation to discuss what we can do for you. So if you would like to speak with us, reach out today. We know we'd love to speak with you!

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