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Lexus Leather Dye

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Owning a Lexus is a privilege, and with that privilege comes the responsibility to take care of your car. This is a luxury brand, and it is understandable Lexus owners want more options to maintain the appearance of their vehicle.

One way to ensure your Lexus looks its best is by using leather dye to restore any worn or damaged areas. The Leather Colour Doctor cares about you, your car, and creating the best possible look. We’ll teach you how to buy Lexus leather dye and give you some tips on how to use it. To ensure Lexus cars looks as good as they drive, rely on us to ensure its shade remains in the best condition.

Yes, you can add leather dye to your car's seats in order to change or restore the appearance. You should always test the dye on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure that you are happy with the new tint.

When it comes to leather dye, the Leather Colour Doctor knows best. We have a wide range of colours available, and we can help you find the matching colour for your car. We also stock leather dye in all sizes, ensuring there is something at the right price for your needs.

Before you worry about applying Lexus dye, it is imperative you find the right shade for your car. It is best to know the VIN (vehicle identification number) of your Lexus before you start the search process.

Start by looking at your official documentation for the automobile, and this should provide you with a code and shade for the interior of your Lexus.

If you cannot find your documents, an online search, including the details of your Lexus should provide you with the finish to look for when buying dye. The Lexus community will advice you on colours that match your model. A specialist website can advise on the bottle or shade for your model.

You can search online to find the right shade of Lexus leather dye

If you are unable to find an answer online, return to the place you bought the Lexus, contact the seller or visit/contact a reputable Lexus dealer.

If in doubt, the best way to do this is to take your Lexus to a professional and have them take a look. They will be able to tell you what the current finish of your Lexus is, as well as provide advice on what would be the best new shade for you. Most times, you will be told the name and code of your colour scheme, which you can use to buy the right sort of dye from our site.

Yes, you can change the Lexus car leather dye to a new style if you wish. You may want to do this to match a new paint job, or simply because you fancy a change.

In this regard, you don’t need to worry about finding the original colour of your Lexus interior, you should focus on finding the shade you wish to switch to. A great thing about leather dye is that it can transform the appearance of leather quickly, and easily. Whatever taste or style preference you have, you can bring your Lexus to life in the way you see best.

Westminster grey is one of the many colours you can choose from

There is no shortage of colours and shades you can choose from when restyling your Lexus, with the following options being quite popular:

  • Agate
  • Ash
  • Camel Tan
  • Cashmere
  • Dark Ivory Trim
  • Flaxin
  • Ivory
  • Light Ivory
  • Parchment
  • Rutland Ivory
  • Sage
  • Sephia
  • Taupe
  • Westminster Grey

This is just a selection of Lexus leather colours, and if you need guidance selecting the right shade for your Lexus, please contact us today.

Is leather dye permanent?

While a fine amount or small touch will fade and wear over time, quality leather dye is permanent once installed in your Lexus. So, make sure you are happy with the shade for your model.

You can make enhancements to or replace leather in your Lexus

It is possible to dye new leather, even Rutland Ivory, although the question is whether you should, rather than if you can. It might be there is an issue with some part of the interior, or you have noticed a stain after purchasing. No matter the option, you can enhance leather of any age, and with the right dye and following instructions, you can do a nice job!

You can protect your Lexus with leather

Given the prestige of driving Lexus cars, it is understandable owners want to protect their cars. Leather dye protects this quality, and it revitalises worn and tired sections. Whether you want to invigorate a worn seat or revitalise a stained area, we stock leather dyes and provide a range of services to help you love your Lexus all over again.

To apply Lexus leather dye, you will need to purchase a leather dye kit. These kits usually come with a sponge or brush applicator, as well as instructions on how to mix the dye. Once you have mixed the dye, apply it to the leather in a thin, even layer. Allow the dye to dry completely before using the seats.

Always start with a small patch, preferably on an area that is out of view. This helps you check for any issues in applying dye to the surface of your interior. It is better to take things slowly than having covered your interior to find out there is an issue. Some versions of this dye can be sprayed, so ensure you purchase the right product. We offer customer support on these matters.

Do I need to fill cracks in my leather before applying dye in my Lexus?

Not necessarily. Leather crack filler is available, and if there are notable hole, cracks, gaps and tears, it is probably best to fill and repair these before changing the style of your interior.

However, for minor cracks and tears, rubbing the dye in is often all you need to transform the shade. This dye also offers protection from UV rays and moisture, extending the lifespan of the Lexus interior.

How do I best clean the leather in my car?

Before you apply dye to the interior of your vehicle, be sure to clean the seats and leather interiors. Remove all dirt and place covers over parts of the seat or interior that you don't want affected by cleaning equipment.

You should avoid alcohol-based cleaners and ammonia products, and you shouldn’t use acetone when cleaning leather. It is best to avoid acetone as this dries out leather, and it can also block conditioner from seeping in to the leather at a later date. It is safe to use isopropyl alcohol or denatured alcohol, but only in small amounts.

Should I buy a specific leather cleaner?

We stock leather cleaners, and if you are in any doubt as to how you should clean leather seats, stick with one of these products. Not only do they offer peace of mind that your seats are cared for, these products contain instructions for every step of the leather cleaning process.

How long should I wait when applying a second coat of dye?

Given so many factors influence the drying time of leather, it is impossible to provide an exact time. If applying the second coat of dye pulls up the initial coat, the first coat hasn’t dried, and you will need to wait longer. You can use a hair dryer to reduce the waiting time, but often, it is best to wait and allow nature to take its course.

I only need to dye the driver's seat

It is not uncommon to find some parts of your Lexus interior are more affected than others. Depending on where you park in relation to sunlight, it is reasonable for your driver's seat to fade at a faster rate than the rest of the Lexus.

If this is the case, don't worry, and you can dye this seat, returning it to it's former glory. The same goes for the passenger seat, or the back seat. Whether you need to repair one seat or transform every seat, we deliver suitable solutions at the right prices.

A new look helps you make a sale

It might be time has come to sell your Lexus, but it is hard to complete the sale when your vehicle has seen better days. Reducing the wear and tear, invigorating faded elements and ensuring your Lexus looks great helps you sell your Lexus for more money.

When you love your Lexus, the quantity of the sales price isn't everything, you want it to go to a good owner who will care for the vehicle too. However, if you improve faded sections and cover the seats with a new coat, you will pull in more willing buyers.

A bottle of dye can transform your automobile, and before you know it, you will have achieved a higher sales price. Lexus leather dye also works on vinyl, so if you need to repair that material, you can do so without it being replaced.

When it comes to dyeing the interior of your Lexus, we have everything you need. Whether you are looking to maintain the original colour or you are keen to transform the style into something new, we have an extensive range of products for you to checkout, and if you need guidance when you shop, we are always happy to assist you.

You can choose from sample size to full-size bottle, no matter the model

For permanent Lexus repair work or a slight touch up, we have everything you need. From a sample product to full-size bottle, we will deliver the best repair products for your Lexus, whatever the model or year of manufacture.

The Leather Colour Doctor is here to help customers care for your leather seats and interior, ensuring your Lexus remains in excellent condition. We stock everything you need, so contact us today to get all the assistance you need.

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