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Epoxy Putty Sticks

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One of the essential things for any amateur or professional carrying out repair jobs is having the right tool for the task. This is why finding a tool or solution that is effective in so many ways is brilliant news and something well worth investing in.

The Leather Colour Doctor believes epoxy putty is an ideal product in your toolbox or handy when you carry out repairs. You might be surprised at how effective this material is or how far, and hard it works. We offer a range of services, far beyond paints and dyes, we help you find durable adhesives, capable of fixing steel and plastic in a durable way.

We stock epoxy putty stick products and are more than happy to show you how to get the best from this product. No matter what you must repair, an epoxy putty stick is a great option to have at your disposal.

Epoxy putty sticks are often used to fill cracks or holes in metal, steel, plastic, wood, glass and other hard surfaces. An epoxy putty stick can also be used to repair damaged appliances or plumbing fixtures.

There are many reasons to use epoxy putty. It is strong and durable, so it can withstand a lot of wear and tear. It is also easy to use and can be shaped to fit into any crack or hole. Epoxy putty is also a great option for repairs because it dries quickly and is available in a variety of colours. This is a high strength solution which is dependable on glass, wood, concrete, metal and all other hard surfaces.

Given a growing number of people advocating the use of epoxy putty sticks, there are clearly great benefits to using them for repair work. Some of the leading benefits of using epoxy putty sticks include:

  • These sticks are very easy to use, and you can apply them in virtually no time at all
  • You don’t have to measure anything, just break off an appropriate amount and mix it between your fingers
  • You don’t require specialist tools when using putty sticks, you can do it all with your hands
  • There is no mess associated with this product, and there is no dripping or run-off
  • There is no waste with this product, you only use what you need
  • There is a long shelf-life with this putty, enhancing the value for money from this product
  • This is a fast-acting material, and it sticks to a high-quality level in next to no time, reaching industrial strength with excellent adhesion very quickly
  • The quick repair work delivers a permanent state repair, making epoxy putty an ideal solution
  • No matter the shape you require, you’ll find the putty can be moulded with a minimum of fuss or effort
  • This is a highly versatile solution that can be painted, sanded, drilled, sawn or machined; and as said, it can be used with just your hands
  • This is a highly durable solution, which is perfect for a wide range of repairs
  • If you need to fill cracks, mend ceramics, seal leaks, bond plastics or form parts or just restore damaged areas, you can do so with epoxy putty
  • There is no rusting with this product, nor will it shrink or experience shrinkage
  • This is a solution that is ideal for all DIY aficionados and all maintenance sectors
  • This is a water resistant solution, ideal when you need a waterproof bond
  • When dried and repaired, the product can be drilled or stained

Hopefully the extensive range of benefits associated with epoxy putty confirms this is a solution that is ideal for your needs.

While you receive clear instructions when you purchase an epoxy putty stick from us, it is helpful to know the steps you need to follow when using one. Please consider the following details:

  • You need to clean the area that has to be repaired
  • Then, roughen the area that is due for repair
  • Take the epoxy putty stick and pull or cut off the required amount
  • Knead the putty into a consistent colour
  • Once mixed, place the putty across the area you are looking to repair
  • Allow the putty to harden
  • When dry, carry out general finishing tasks and cleaning

That is a very quick overview of how to use an epoxy putty stick, but hopefully that will help you see it is a simple project, and one that virtually anyone can use.

Is epoxy resin the same as epoxy putty?

No, epoxy resin and epoxy putty are not the same. Epoxy resin is a liquid that hardens when mixed with a catalyst, while epoxy putty is a malleable material that can be used to complete cracks or holes.

Yes, epoxy putty sets hard and is very strong. When you knead the material, it hardens, and can be moulded into shape. It can be sanded or painted once it has set, so it will blend in with the surrounding area.

While different tasks take a different amount of time, it is not uncommon for modest jobs only requiring five to 10 minutes before the putty starts to harden. In some cases, epoxy putty will be dependable, and fully dry to the touch, in just a couple of hours, or even one hour.

For your peace of mind, you can leave any additional work for a significant period, a day or more, but if you have a deadline, in most cases, you can work on a repaired area on the same day.

Yes, epoxy putty can be used as glue. It is a strong adhesive that can be used to bond two surfaces together, including wood.

The main epoxy putty stick we offer at The Leather Colour Doctor is suitable for wood, copper, concrete and all general repairs.

We offer different types of putty sticks, all of which go from soft to hard very quickly, thanks to the chemicals reacting when kneaded. A little bit of mixing and bonding creates a solution that will protect a wide range of materials, including plastic, and you'll appreciate the hardened surface or furniture by the time you are done.

This means we are very confident in informing you that yes, epoxy putty is suitable for wood.

We know many professionals need a dependable solution in joining wood or carrying out lasting repairs on wood. We understand why many people are doubtful, but once you see an epoxy putty stick repair wood or metal, you will have every confidence in this solution.

Sanding helps to finish wood material in great style and shape

It is even reliable on material like steel, and once you've sanded and painted a wood surface, you'll appreciate the high quality repair work available with this product.

Sanding, as with many wood projects, can hide a multitude of sins, but you'll feel confident about the standard of general finishing when you use an epoxy putty stick on a wood surface.

Can you paint putty sticks?

It is not advisable to paint putty sticks a colour, as this impacts their ability to stick together. There are different colours available, even if most solutions are grey or close to grey. When repair work is finished, it can be modified, with drilled elements, sanded parts, and even deliberately stained areas changing the look of wood and steel around a home.

Where can you use epoxy putty?

This is a very versatile solution, and you might be surprised at how well this putty adheres to metal and concrete, as well as other hard surfaces. If you are looking for a permanent state of dependability with repair work, this is a fantastic choice to have in your toolbox.

Yes, one of the best features of epoxy putty sticks is that there is no waste. Whatever you don’t use can be stored until later, and then kneaded into the solution that is ideal for that time.

Is epoxy safe for drinking water?

Given some professionals use an epoxy putty stick for water pipes and lines, it is natural to ask if epoxy is safe for drinking water. All studies indicate it is, so if you are considering using an epoxy putty stick for kitchen repairs, it is okay.

Whatever you need to repair, an epoxy putty stick is the suitable solution that quickly cures the majority of your problems. The Leather Colour Doctor offers epoxy putty stick products, and we believe it is a vital accessory for anyone carrying out repair work. We offer a range of services and guides on repair materials and hardener that protect your property or important items.

If you want to see our epoxy putty stick range in full, or you need guidance on how to use these products for repair work, please contact us today.

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