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Soft Top Cleaner

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Is the soft-top on your convertible looking weathered and grimy? It's not surprising; as beautiful as soft-top convertibles are, that fabric can soon pick up dirt, mould and green algae!

The weather is your worst enemy here, with sun, rain and wind all conspiring to dry out the fabric, make it damp, or blow dust, spores and organic materials all over the surface.

The Leather Colour Doctor has the perfect solution in the form of a convertible roof cleaner kit.

Our superb product will get your soft-top clean, and protect it against further dirt and damage.

The Leather Colour Doctor convertible soft-top cleaner kit comprises three separate bottles, available in 500ml trigger spray or 1-litre sizes.

Each bottle contains a trade-quality solution developed by Carbusonic, a trusted brand within the car care industry.

Bottle #1 - Mould/Mildew Remover

This powerful convertible roof cleaner doubles as a degreaser, breaking down oily deposits and killing and removing mould or mildew. The bio-surfactants act swiftly and efficiently to make short work of any dirt, leaving the surface completely clean and free from grime.

It also prepares the fabric soft-top for the next stage of the process.

Bottle #2 - Canvas Fabric Dye

This is an acrylic co-polymer-based dye that restores your black canvas and fabric soft-top to like-new condition. The special formula ensures that the dye gets deep into the matrix, where it forms a firm and lasting bond. It's a fantastic way of making tired and worn-out materials look as if they've just left the showroom!

Bottle #3

Finally, our quick-drying silicone waterproofing solution finishes off this brilliant trio of Leather Colour Doctor products.

It forms an effective waterproof barrier that helps to prevent annoying green algae and mould from spoiling your soft-top, keeping it fresh and clear - no more algae and mould stains, or damp, musty odours!

Our car soft-top cleaner can be applied in a few easy steps! The following guide sets out the basic procedure for the best results.

Step One

Brush the surface down lightly with a soft brush to get rid of loose dirt and grit. Alternatively, use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment.

Top Tip: try to avoid working in direct sunlight! Water intensifies UV rays, which increases ageing and the risk of damage to your convertible top.

Step Two

Apply the soft-top cleaner and mould remover using a sponge, spray, brush or cloth. Make sure you cover the entire surface, focusing on areas with stubborn stains and bird lime.

Use circular scrubbing motions and ensure that the solution produces a foam that penetrates the material to give a deep clean.

Step Three

Rinse the surface thoroughly to make sure that all the cleaner has been removed along with dirt and soap residue, and leave it to dry out completely.

Step Four

Mask any areas that you need to protect. This will prevent any spills from spoiling the trim, glass or paintwork.

Step Five

Apply the canvas/fabric dye with a brush or sponge. Work from the centre top at the front and work methodically towards the back, making sure to always keep a wet edge.

Wipe away any spills or drips immediately with a wet cloth. One coat is usually enough, due to the high quality of the product, although for really faded materials, you might need to apply two.

Leave it to dry for 24 hours, then use a hairdryer to harden and set the dye - this fixes it within the material and makes it more effective.

This superb dye will restore the original colour to 'as new' condition!

Step Six

The final stage is applying the silicone waterproofer. It's best to mask the area once again and apply the solution with a cloth, spray, brush or sponge.

Apply two coats for the best results and to make your soft-top completely weatherproof. If necessary, the waterproofer can be diluted with white spirits for a thinner solution.

Please note: the waterproofing solution must be completely dry before the vehicle is taken out in wet weather

This product was formulated and perfected by Carbusonic, a leading brand in car cleaning products, and is regarded as a superior choice, equal to or better than other leading convertible top cleaners, such as:

Autoglym Convertible Soft-Top Cleaner

Protex Canvas Cleaner

Meguiar's Convertible Cleaner For Soft-Tops

Gtechnic Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

Turtle Wax Hood-Cleaning Kit

While all of these soft-top cleaners will do the job, freshening up convertible tops nicely, our handy 3-piece kit gives you the complete works: a deep-cleaning solution, a colour-restoring dye, and a soft-top protector that's great at repelling water and ensuring that your convertible hood stays clean for longer. It also preserves the material and increases its lifespan.

Important Notes:

  • Always test the products on a small, inconspicuous area first. Although it's unlikely that there will be a negative reaction, it is wise to check this before going ahead. This applies to any soft-top cleaner or car care product.
  • It is also advisable to wear appropriate PPE when using soft-top cleaners, dyes and waterproofing solutions. At the very least, rubber gloves should be worn to protect your skin. When using the dye, take care not to splash this onto your clothing.
  • While these three products are perfect for most types of canvas and fabric (including double duck), some of the ingredients may react badly when applied to acrylic, vinyl, or vinyl-impregnated materials. It is best to avoid using the product on acrylic or vinyl for this reason.

If you need any further advice on these points, or any other issue relating to our top-quality cleaning and restoration products, please contact us via our website.

When you want to get your convertible soft-top clean - and we mean, really clean - you can't go wrong with our soft-top cleaner.

At the Leather Colour Doctor, we are proud of our reputation for providing high-performance car cleaning and restoration products at an affordable price: you get a top-quality item and save money!

Our expertise extends well beyond soft-top cleaners - we also provide leather conditioners, dyes, waxes and balms for car seats, jackets, handbags, etc.

When you need to clean, restore or repair your leather or fabric goods, the Leather Colour Doctor has the solution.

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