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Skilled Restoration Team

Here at The Leather Colour Doctor we have a skilled restoration team who can repair and re-colour leather designer handbags.

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Leather Handbag Restoration

Handbags are many things; fashion statements, status symbols, and a way of expressing character, personality and individuality. They're also great for keeping all those bits and pieces safe that you might need while you're out and about; keys, purses, wallets, medicines, cosmetics and so on.

However, the more they are used, the more they are exposed to wear and tear. And over time, they become faded, scuffed, stained or torn. Zip fasteners break, straps become frayed, and clasps stop working. So, what do you do when your best handbag has seen better days?

Restore Or Replace?

Despite their first-rate craftsmanship, even designer handbags made by the world's leading brands (For example, Chanel, Gucci or Hermes) can become damaged, stained, and worn out.

Rather than replacing your favourite leather handbag, you could choose to have it repaired, with the Leather Colour Doctor's handbag restoration service.

A Premium Handbag restoration company

We are proud of our expertise in all things related to the care of leather goods, including the repair and restoration of leather handbags.

Here are the services we offer to our valued customers, delivered by our dedicated professional restoration team:

Scuff And Scrape Repair

Handbags aren't always treated gently, resulting in scuffs, scrapes and splits.

Even when there seems little hope of getting your handbag repaired, we may be able to fix the problem!

We use high-quality liquid fillers that soak into the material and fill the damaged areas, restoring the surface to look as it did when new. This can then be repainted or dyed to match the original colour.

Soft Materials

Soft handbags are particularly prone to scuffs, especially at the corners when they are scraped on rough surfaces. We'll restore these to their original condition to make a bag you can be proud of once again.

Repairing Faded Leather

Sunlight is leather's worst enemy. Eventually, leather goods that are exposed to UV rays from the sun become faded as they bleach the colour out of the material.

The experts at the Leather Colour Doctor will use our specialist leather dyes or paints to restore your handbag to look as good as when you first bought it.

Matching The Original

We can get as close to the original colour as possible using our specialist equipment, then apply a leather conditioner to protect it from further damage and prolong the life of your treasured bag.

With multicoloured bags, each area is treated separately to avoid the colours bleeding onto others.

Removing Heavy Stains

Cleaning your handbag is an excellent way of restoring it to its former look. It's all too easy for bags to pick up dirt and grime from general use, but accidents also happen; pens leak, drinks get spilt and greasy food gets dropped. Kids have been known to practice their artistic skills on expensive handbags with their felt-tip pens. Even the natural oils in our hands can be a problem as they soak into the handles, leaving them dark and unsightly.

The Leather Colour Doctor technicians will deep-clean your handbag and freshen it up to look new. Although we'll do our absolute best, please be aware that some stains are simply too severe to remove completely.

The Cleaning Process

The processes vary, but our team will begin by brushing off loose dirt and removing dust and grime from the lining and pockets with a special mini-vacuum cleaner. The bag may also be steamed to help remove dirt.

We will always test a small area first to see how the leather reacts to the cleaning fluids, then the entire bag will be deep-cleaned. We then restore the colour and apply conditioners to protect the leather surface against stains in future.

Specialist Cleaning

Occasionally, the situation requires special handling. Handbags that have become damp may experience mould and mildew. Sometimes they are exposed to biological matter or fluids that need extra care. As long as you give us prior notice to prepare the team for any hazards, we are happy to clean your bag.

Stitching Repair

Exquisite stitching looks beautiful on leather, so when it frays or is pulled it spoils the effect. It can also cause bag straps to break or the lining to split.

The Leather Colour Doctor's handbag restoration technicians will re-stitch your favourite bag so you won't be able to tell the difference.

Broken Zips, Clasps, Handles, Tabs And Loops

Maybe your bag is otherwise perfect, but the zip fastener has broken? Loops attaching the handles to the main body of the bag often snap, rendering it useless. Clasps no longer work, and handles become frayed or break completely.

The Leather Colour Doctor can fix or replace these items, making your bag as good as new once again. We'll match it as closely as possible, and will source original materials if required where it is possible to do so.

Tassels can also be a problem when they are broken off or become frayed. Our team of experts can restore these, remaking them if necessary. Of course, if you would like a different style, then let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate your requirements.

Handbag Restructuring

All handbags are different, whether they're tote bags, clutch bags, quilted, frame bags, or baguette bags! Some are designed to be rigid and stiff, while others are soft and loose.

However, rigid handbags tend to lose their shape with use as the leather softens or the internal structure is weakened.

At the Leather Colour Doctor, our handbag restoration experts have the skills to rebuild your bag.

How Is It Done?

Essentially, your bag will be opened out and rebuilt to restore the internal structure. If necessary, we'll install an ingenious solution of our own that will keep the structure rigid while remaining hidden within the lining.

A Handbag Restoration Company You Can Trust

You've invested in a premium brand handbag, so you want the best treatment when it comes to repairs, and that's something we acknowledge.

To give you confidence in our services, here are a few of the brands we are familiar with:

  • Louis Vuitton

  • Chanel

  • Hermes

  • Gucci

  • Dior

  • Mulberry

You can trust the Leather Colour Doctor to breathe new life into your favourite handbag, whatever the label.

We are proud to offer a personal service to all our customers in all areas relevant to leather goods. We provide cleaning and restoration solutions for boots, shoes, sofas, car interiors and so on.

The Next Step

If you need your bag restored, use the form on our website to request a free consultation. Our team will assess your handbag to determine what's required, then they'll work their magic and your bag will be fixed in no time at all.

Wear and tear, accidents and spills are all part of life and your favourite Chanel or Mulberry handbag (or whichever brand you prefer) isn't immune to these things.

As experts in leather care and restoration, we are the handbag restoration company you can rely on.

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