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Leather Dyes

Are you tired of inferior leather dye, poor adhesion & wear resistance? Try the best forget the rest

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Is your leather sofa or chair looking dull and tired, check out our leather sofa dyes! Has your best leather handbag lost its tone and appeal, check out our leather handbag restoration service! Has your favourite leather jacket seen better days? Do your well-loved leather shoes or boots look faded, try some of our leather shoe dye! Or is the leather upholstery in your car past its best, try our leather car seat dyes! If so, there's no need to worry! The Leather Colour Doctor has the answer, with a superb selection of leather colourants.

Giving Nature A Hand

As beautiful and luxurious as leather goods are, even nature needs a helping hand. Over time, leather can begin to look faded and worn. Staining can ruin its appearance, or the colour loses its vibrancy.

Fortunately, The Leather Colour Doctor has a range of professional-quality leather dyes that will restore your leather to like-new condition.

Our polyurethane leather dyes are water-based and highly pigmented, meaning they are easy to apply using a spray or a sponge. They also cover extremely well, so you don't have a patchy or uneven finish and you don't have to apply many coats.

The dyes also act as a sealant, so you don't need a top coat. However, we do recommend that you use our leather protection cream to reduce the risk of staining. We do also stock a leather sealer top coat for extra protection.

The main offenders are time, sunlight and bodily oils. Spills and stains cause a lot of problems, too; nail polish, red wine, felt-tipped pens, etc. all leave their marks, literally.

However, ultraviolet light from the sun penetrates deep into the surface, washing out the colour. And as we use our leather items (especially furniture) we deposit oils that accumulate, seeping into the material and causing discolouration.

One solution is to use a leather dye!

So, you have a leather item that's in need of restoration, but how do you dye leather?

It's not simply a case of applying any leather dye you can lay your hands on. This process needs careful handling if you want the best results.

Here's a basic idea of what's involved, with a few tips on what to avoid.

Don't Use Cheap Leather Dyes

This is a common error and it could spell disaster for your leather. At Leather Colour Doctor we have taken the time to carefully formulate dyes of exceptional quality. Our products act as an all-in-one leather dye and sealer.

When used correctly, these will restore your leather to its former glory.

Choose The Right Colour

While it's up to you which colours you prefer when dyeing leather, always remember that if you want to change the tones completely it's better to go from light to dark. If you have a light-coloured sofa you can dye it a darker colour, but it's very difficult to dye leather a lighter colour if it is black or very dark brown.

It's usually wise to match the original colour as far as possible.

The Leather Dyeing Process

  • Clean the surface of the leather first
  • Scour the surface lightly using an abrasive pad (to remove any old sealant)
  • Test the dye on a hidden area to make sure you are happy with the colour
  • Use a foam sponge to apply a thin layer of leather dye and let it dry
  • Apply several thicker coats until you achieve the desired effect

Leather dye penetrates the surface and stays within the fibres, while leather paint coats the surface and is water-resistant. Leather paints can potentially be used to lighten dark-coloured leather.

So, should you paint leather or use leather dye? In our opinion, both have their place, although leather dye has many benefits and is better suited for general use.

Yes, and it's best to know what they are:

  • Water-based dye
  • Alcohol-based dye
  • Oil-based dye

The Leather Colour Doctor only makes water-based leather dyes.

Basically, there are five types:

  • Full-grain – Usually reserved for high-quality items (including saddlery, upholstery and shoes), this comes from the outer layer of the hide.
  • Top-grain – Similar to the above, and also from the top layer, this is sanded to remove imperfections. It is used for watch straps, handbags, shoes and wallets.
  • Bonded – Essentially, scraps of leather are bonded together with latex, and mostly used as a filler.
  • Genuine – This can come from any layer of the hide and imperfections are sanded out. It is used for clothing, shoes and accessories.
  • Split-grain – Taken from the lower layers, this is not as strong as the first two on the list. However, it is still durable and flexible enough for many uses (shoes, sofas, etc.) and takes colour well. It is also used to make suede.

In simple terms, the hides are first treated with lime and then soaked in tannin to make them soft. This process can take up to two months, but the results are far more pleasing and the material is much more durable.

The alternative is chrome-tanned leather, where the hides are soaked in a mixture of acids, salts and chemicals (including chromium) to make them soft and pliable. It's a quicker process (one to two days) and the finished product holds its colour for longer.

While both have their attractions, chrome-tanned leather is favoured, making up around 80% of the market.

The Leather Colour Doctor products are suitable for both types and will produce excellent results every time.

Our amazing range of leather dyes will restore your furniture, car interiors, leather jackets or leather shoes to look good as new.

Our specialist knowledge of leather dye means we can offer expert advice on our website along with a wide variety of colours. So, whether you need help with shoe care products, an antique chair or sofa, or faded and scuffed car seats, we have a product that will revitalise your leather and provide long-lasting protection.

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