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Leather Waxes & Balms

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When you invest in leather goods, you expect them to last a long while. Leather is a tough, hard-wearing, natural material that should serve you well for decades.

However, it does need looking after to ensure that it stays soft, supple and beautiful. If not cared for properly, it can dry out and start to break down. If you want to keep your leather goods looking great, feeling good and free from fading, cracks and scuffs, you need a reliable source of high-quality leather care options.

The Leather Colour Doctor is dedicated to delivering professional-grade leather care products that you can count on.

One item in this range is our leather wax (also called leather balm or leather care balm), and you can find out all about it here.

In essence, it's much like a moisturiser that we humans use. If we have dry skin, we apply creams, oils and lotions to protect and hydrate our skin.

Leather is made from animal hide, which means that it is porous and relies on natural oils to keep it soft. The tanning process locks in (and sometimes adds) oils into the fibres, but these can dry out and be lost to wear and tear or exposure to direct sunlight over a period of time.

When this happens, the leather surface is at risk of cracking up and splitting. Although this can usually be repaired, the damage is sometimes too severe if it isn't treated in time.

A leather balm (or leather wax) restores the moisture required to keep the fibres supple and prevents the leather from drying out, which keeps your leather goods beautiful and usable for much longer.

The Leather Colour Doctor's leather balm can be used on any leather items, including handbags, furniture, clothes, shoes, car seats and accessories.

It is compatible with many different types of leather, including the following:

Aniline leather

Aniline leather is the best quality leather available and is usually reserved for high-end products. The animal hides are dyed in a drum using translucent aniline dyes with no insoluble pigments, enhancing the natural colour and grain. Semi-aniline leather goes through the same process, although a small amount of pigmentation is added as well as a thin protective coat.

These are the most natural leathers as they aren't processed as highly as others.

Bi-Cast Leather

This is made from the bottom layer of the hide which doesn't have the same strength or visual appeal as top-grain or full-grain leather. Sometimes referred to as leatherette, bi-cast leather has a layer of polyurethane added to its surface which is embossed to resemble leather grain.

Oil/Wax Pull-up Leather

Essentially, this is aniline-type leather that has been infused with waxes and oils to make it incredibly soft but very tough as the hide is manipulated through use, the colour is pulled through the fibres to create variations on the surface.

Pigmented Leather

The vast majority of leather furniture falls into this category. The tanned hides are buffed and sanded to remove flaws (branding marks, scars, insect bites etc.), and a pigment is added to the surface before the grain is stamped on artificially. It is the toughest and most durable leather type and is easy to maintain.

Antique Leather

Any leather item over 20 years old qualifies as antique, and items from the 1980s are vintage.

However, many leather seats and sofas are much older than this and they need extra care and attention. Our leather wax balm will protect your much-loved antiques and restore their colour without taking away their character.

Two-Tone Leather

Rather than, say, a pair of black and white shoes, this usually refers to a special type of leather that has contrasting shades across the surface. The technique is used to create a distressed or aged look and is particularly common in Chesterfield furniture.

Although most of the Leather Colour Doctor's products are compatible with the leather types listed above, many can't be used on certain leathers, like nubuck or suede, because they have an unsealed or untreated surface.

Suede in particular can be ruined if you apply conditioners, waxes, polishes and creams.

As with all leather care products, we recommend that you test a small area first for colour fastness.

Please contact us for more advice and see our range of suede leather care products on our website.

All leather items need special care, and you can apply our leather wax to any of the following:

Leather boots, gloves, bags, automotive leather (car seats and interiors), motorcycle leathers, jackets, coats, sofas and chairs. In fact, whatever leather items you have, it's likely that our leather care balm will revive, restore and preserve them.

The Leather Colour Doctor has all the necessary products you need to keep them looking great and that will prolong their lifespan.

Everyday use can wear down the surface of your leather goods and make colours look faded and tired. UV rays from sunlight dry out natural oils present in the fibres, causing colour loss, splits and cracks.

Leather seats in cars face constant rubbing as people get in and out, and extremes of hot and cold weather (or air conditioning) also affect the leather work in your car. People in warmer climates often need to add leather wax/balm more frequently as the leather is more likely to dry out.

Although certain leathers are more water-resistant, frequent exposure to water can cause fading and stains that spoil the look and make the surface feel rough.

Fortunately, the Leather Colour Doctor has a wide selection of brilliant products to fix all these issues.

Our amazing leather care balm is included in our leather restoration kit, along with a leather cleaner and protection cream. When combined in an easy three-step process, these professional quality products offer long-term preservation, guarding your leather against UV rays, stains, spills and scrapes.

Cleaning Fluid

The cleaning solution removes ingrained dirt, greasy surface residues and stains. It is a water-based formula that is safe and non-toxic, and it has a beautiful fresh scent.

This tried and tested leather cleaner was originally created in the 1970s for Gliptone, the highly-respected automotive leather care specialists, so you can be confident that it is of the highest quality.

Apply the leather cleaner using a soft bristle brush that helps the liquid form a foam on the surface. Allow a few minutes for the leather to fully absorb the cleaning agents before wiping off the foam with a clean microfibre cloth. This step can be repeated for stubborn stains then allowed to dry.

A clean dry surface is essential to ensure leather care balm is absorbed properly.

Leather Wax/Leather Care Balm

Ideally formulated to revive tired and faded leathers, our leather care balm ensures that your treasured items are conditioned and protected.

The solution contains wax emollients and pigments that penetrate deep into the grain to restore the colour and keep the leather supple.

Apply the leather wax with a soft cloth or polish applicator and gently massage it in using circular motions. Focus on faded areas to restore the colour and achieve an even tone across the surface.

Leave the leather wax for several minutes to soak in, then buff it to a nice shine with a soft cloth.

Leather Protection Cream

Infused with a natural leather scent, this cream is the finishing touch in a three-stage process that will enhance your leather goods.

It conditions the leather and contains surface proofing agents to provide protection against spills and stains. Your leather goods will also be protected from UV rays from the sun, meaning the colours won't fade any time soon.

You'll also have a beautiful crack-free leather surface.

Colour Matching

When selecting your restoration kit be sure to choose the right colour to match your leather.

With seventeen colours to choose from, there's sure to be one that suits your needs and is a very close match. If in doubt, contact us for advice. It is always best to opt for a darker colour than the original if you can't find an exact match. Never try to add a lighter leather care balm over a dark one.

Depending on the condition of your leather goods, it may be necessary to make repairs before applying a leather wax or using our leather restoration kit.

Our leather repair filler paste makes short work of any unsightly damage, providing a strong, flexible surface that looks new. You can then restore the colour, or change the colour completely with one of our professional dye kits.

As experts in leather care, we are keen to help our customers avoid costly mistakes, so here are a few tips to guide you:

  • Never use furniture polish on leather
  • Avoid 'natural' home remedies - vinegar, lemon juice, baking powder and cream of tartar can damage delicate leather
  • Never use petroleum-based cleaning products

The bottom line: only use genuine leather care products.

Our passion for leather is matched by our commitment to providing professional leather care products that you can rely on.

Our leather wax (or leather care balm) is just one of an exceptional range of dyes, stain removers and protection creams.

Whether your leather goods are brand new, pre-loved, or treasured family heirlooms, we understand that you want to look after them. From repairing unsightly cracks to reviving vibrant colours that have faded over time, to completely changing the colour, we have a perfect solution for you.

High Quality Leather Care Products

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