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Leather cleaning and protection kit.

Leather cleaning kit.

From: £22.99


Leather Cleaning Kit Give Your Item A Facelift.

This easy to use leather cleaning kit will transform the look and feel of

old tired dirty leather items and protect from further age related damage.

Remember leather is just like your skin it needs care and attention to look its best.

The restoration kit includes:

Leather Cleaning Fluid.

Leather cleaning fluid is a specially formulated non toxic water based surfactant

which lifts grime, dirt, oil and grease from your leather with a gentle foaming action.

Originally formulated for Gliptone back in the 70's this fresh smelling cleaning fluid is

tried and tested by major automotive manufactures world wide.

Leather Protection Cream.

The leather protection cream is a leather scent infused cream surface protector

with conditioning and stain repellent features. This will protect the leather item from further cracking, UV damage

and create a barrier to repel stains and further grime. The protection cream will leave a grease free supple leather finish.

Re-apply protection cream every 3 months to give leather longevity.


Apply a small amount of leather cleaning fluid to leather item, using a dampened plastic scrubbing brush gently work in a circular motion creating a foaming action.

Leave foam on leather for a few minutes to activate them wipe of dirt with soft clean cloth.

Next apply leather protection cream. Using a soft clean cloth apply a small amount of protection cream in a circular motion allow to soak in then buff off excess to a pleasing sheen.

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