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Leather Degreaser for Removing Grease Lotion Oil Stains From Sofas, Car Seats

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Leather de-greaser.

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Leather Degreaser for Removing Grease Lotion Body Oil Stains , Greasy Food Stains  From Sofas, Car Seats, Gloves, Bags, Wallets, Jackets Hats etc.
A Professional Product Designed To Remove Unsightly Hair Oil, Hand & Body Oil Stains From Leather Items.(Also works on ink and pen)
Through time certain high traffic areas of leather become stained with oil or grease stains. Especially Head area and Arm Rests
Gently Remove these with specially developed LeatherZorb Gel. Looks awful but works and is the only way to remove grease from leather.
Apply with Brush and Leave to soak into the stain. Keep repeating until stain is removed.
The Grease will absorb into the gel lifting it from the leather leaving a dry powder residue which can be wiped off.(or vacuumed)
Repeat applications may be needed until desired effect is achieved.
After Cleaning is completed treat with our Leather Protection Cream Or Conditioner.
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 NOTE: This product is very difficult to produce and is very unstable if gel dries out in jar add a small amount of isopropyl alcohol and stir,
store in a cool area away from children.
(Not For Vinyl, Suede Plastic or Leatherette) 
(Test On Inconspicuous Area First)

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