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Leather Spew Remover - white bloom stain treatment prevents bloom from returning.

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Leather Spew Remover.

From: £11.99


White Bloom Stain Treatment Prevents White Bloom Returning.
Spue Remover Suitable For Leather Waxy Stains Due To Manufacturing Processes Which Can Later
Migrate To The Surface AKA Fatty Bloom Leaving White Haze And Bloom Patches.
 Also Treats White Crystalline Salt Deposits & Staining Due To Moisture, Mould & Environmental Issues  
Most Types Of Leather Are Hygroscopic Which Will Draw In Moisture From The Air
Resulting In White Patches And So Called Sweat Marking Spew & Bloom.
Apply With Clean Cloth Rubbing In A Circular Motion
Allow To Penetrate Well
 (Repeat If Needed)
Condition Your Leather Well After Application (See Our Leather Protection Creams)

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