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x-linker for leather dye and top coat finishes.

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x-linker for leather dye and top coat finishes.

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LCD X-linker for leather dye and top coat finishes.


Crosslinking is widely practiced in the coating industry as a means to improve coating performance on wear, abrasion, chemical & stain resistance, toughness and blocking properties. As an addition to coating formulations, they provide a wide range of additional possibilities. LCD Isocyanate & carbodiimide crosslinkers (CDI) provide a sustainable, yet high-performance alternative for workers in the leather repair industry, looking to reduce their environmental footprint with full performance qualities.

Crosslinking works by connecting the polymers through reactive chemistry, thus strengthening the network of a specific coating. But stabilizing the polymer strains has disadvantages when it comes to flexible substrates, as coating properties then may be reduced in elongation, strength and flexibility. A high level of crosslinking is suitable for rigid substrates, but flexible substrates require a level of malleability suited for waterborne systems



Add up to 3% to water based leather dyes and top coats, make sure proper stirring takes place for even consistency.

Pot life will be reduced to about 4 hours, so once added any spare product needs to be disposed of in the correct manner.

Do Not Add More Than 5% as brittle film forming will occur.


Keep out of reach of children Irritant!

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